Hellraisers Announce Hobbit; Bondik Returns To Free Agency


(Image assets courtesy of Hellraisers and Gambit)

Hellraisers released a statement on their website confirming the acquisition of Hobbit from Gambit, resulting in Bondik becoming a free agent.

The news was heavily anticipated as Bondik had already released a statement on Wednesday stating that he was no longer apart of their active roster.

The 25-year-old joined Hellraisers on the 21st of April 2016 and has showcased exceptional talent, peaking with a 1.22 HLTV rating while on the roster. Unfortunately, as of late his performances has relapsed with an average rating of 0.99 on HLTV within the past three months.

Hobbit is a similar age to Bondik at 24 years old and will replace the Ukranian international as Hellraisers look to add more structure and firepower to their team. Hobbit has been impressive as of late with an improved HLTV rating of 1.04 over the past three-months and looks to be a player that's on the rise. It's also important to note that Hobbit was on Gambit's transfer list for a period of two months before he eventually got transfered. 

With the removal of Bondik and addition of Hobbit, the Hellraisers lineup contains five players who are all from different countries. We have seen many teams such as MIBR, breakaway from a one-nation team, however, it's fairly uncommon to witness a lineup with players who are all from separate countries, especially considering how much of a team-based game Counter Strike: Global Offensive is.

Will there be a resurgence in Bondik's career - will Hellraisers rise up the ranks with their latest addition? Plenty of questions remain after this transfer, although it is certain all will be answered within the forthcoming months.


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