Fnatic over Luminosity to win IEM Katowice 2016

CS:GO Thomas “ScHniPPaH” Lüthje

Can the Brazilian team beat the Swedish powerhouse to make dreams come true or will fnatic shatter Luminosity's dreams? We were about to find out as the grand final was about to start.

The grand final kicked off big with Fnatic quickly overwhelming B-site. Luminosity, however, managed to retake the area. Killing every terrorist in the process, the bomb got defused in time for the first round win on the counter-terrorist side for the Brazilian team on de_Overpass. Deciding to buy mostly rifles, Marcelo "coldzera" David is the only one on his team to take a SMG into the fight. Unfortunately, he was the first one to fall but nonetheless there were no problems for Lincoln "fnx" Lau and his rifle at the toilet area, picking off three Fnatic players in a row. Cheered up by the crowd, Luminosity convincingly picked up the third round in a row. With no map control so far for Fnatic, the Swedes decided to go for an economical 4th round. Robin "flusha" Rönnquist managed to pick off a Brazilian with a nice Desert Eagle headshot, but eventually Luminosity closed out the round. The first gun round for Fnatic followed and the Swedes built up slowly for mid, finding the AWP of Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo and getting picked off one by one. Jesper "JW" Wecksell was the only Swede alive at one point, battling it out against the double AWP setup of Luminosity. The Swede rotated to B-site only to find coldzera and his AWP. The Brazilian barely survived the 1v1 with 16 HP, but at least he survived. Going for a quick B-site take, kills were traded fast until only flusha was left alive for Fnatic. He managed to get to bomb down for that little bit extra money for his team, but nothing more. Due to a small technical hiccup, the 7th round had to be restarted. Once again kills were traded on B-site, and Fnatic took their time with a 4v4 situation that favored themselves until the clock ticked down to 20 seconds, and they decided to to plant to bomb on B-site. JW finds FalleN, making things worse for the Brazilian team as fer only had 16 HP to work with. The Swedes had problems closing out the round despite JW pickung up two, since coldzera also picks up two with his AWP. The round went the way off Fnatic regardless, since the bomb exploded after 40 seconds. After another round that starts out with a 1-for-1 trade, Fnatic once again took their time to get the bomb towards B. The bomb gets planet, lives were traded, and Fnatic failed to close out the 3v2 as the bomb gets defused by the counter-terrorists. Luminosity played a standard defense the following round, but Olof "Olofmeister" Kajbjer finds the head of coldzera on B-site with his Desert Eagle. Unluckily for flusha, a team kill later in the round turns the overall situation down to a 2v1, favoring the Brazilian team, until flusha gets sprayed down to win the round for Luminosity. Luminosity is fully equipped as Fnatic took a tactical timeout with only one round to their name against the eight rounds of Luminosity on the scoreboard. The game continues with Fnatic finding Luminosity's boost on B-site, quickly punishing the Brazilian team for doing so. TACO saves the day by picking up two frags followed by a perfect crossfire setup, picking up another kill until flusha could bring it down to a 1v1 with the bomb planted against FalleN, who had already managed to run around the map. Coming from behind, he picks off flusha and defuses the bomb. The Swedes find an opening thanks to the Deagle work of Olofmeister and Krimz, and after blows are traded left and right with the retake attempt, Luminosity eventually managed to defuse the bomb. Seeng a change coming, FalleN plays A-long aggressively with his AWP and picks up two frags. Now the Swedes are on the back foot after a fantastic start from the Brazilian team as counter-terrorists, with 11:1 in their favor. Down to a 3v3, Fnatic plants the bomb once again on B-site, the retake comes in. Despite Fnatic being low on health with 81 HP of all three living Swedes combined, fnatics takes away the round. Despite FalleN picking up a double kill with a great no-scope, the bomb was already ticking too fast for a defuse, especially without a defuse kit. The crucial last round would make the score 12:3 for the Brazilian team.

Luminosity handled the early aggression from Fnatic once again pretty well, sending both flusha and JW back to a much more defensive position after the first shots were fired. JW managed to find a headshot with his 9 HP left with fnatic eventually come out on top after frags being traded left and right. FNX however managed to sneak away towards B-site with to bomb, after the bomb being planted fnx takes off the heads of both remaining defenders to grab his USP ace. Chaotic round as once again headshots being traded left and right, fnx brings it down to a two on two with a team kill before nading the defending Swede on A-site. With the back against the wall fnatic managed to overcome both attackers, defusing the bomb keeping the hope on overpass alive for now. JW then working through the ranks of Luminosity as he nicely uses his rifle on range aginst the pistol only equipped attackers.Blows again traded left and right all over the map until fnatic comes out on top with three survivors. The Swedes are not afraid to gamble anymore, bringing more and more aggressive plays, bringing it down quickly to a five on three. LG manages to take out two guns before the last man got shut down. Suffering only a single casualty, fnatic now is building up a little bit of a momentum. Both teams decide to go for the double AWP play the following round with FalleN finding JW, removing one AWP from the defending team early into the round. The game then changed to a slower pace until fer finds the double from heaven. Olofmeister the only one alive with a AWP managed to land two frags before the Brazilian team finally took him down. Luminosity now had to chance to secure match point, fnx checking B-site quickly and picks off krimz who spotted him moving in before getting taken out himself. The bomb making its way up the connector while JW is listning on a forwarded position. With 35 seconds left on the clock a B-site fake before moving to A-site but JW spots this, taking out one attacker. Taco quite not manages to plant the bomb with two defenders closing in. Going into the 23rd round only with a AWP in FalleN's hand, the rest is equipped with pistols. Neither team has any kind of money, making this another crucial round to win for both sides. The Swedes managed to come out on top, quickly followed by a tactical pause from the Brazilian team before things really get out of hand with the score being only 14:10 in favor of Luminosity. With only a flash as utility, Limunosity tried to plant to bomb on B-site but failed to succeed, another round on the scoreboard for the Swedes. Pushing mid and A long, fnatic slaugthers Luminosity until only taco is alive. Another Eco for the Brazilian team as JW pushes aggressive once again, picking off one. Taco however finds an opening on B-site with two frags, almost getting four kills in the proccess . Coldzera did not quite managed to finish the round in favor for Luminosity. Finally fnatic gets pushed away from the bathroom area the following round, both teams playing very safely. With 25 seconds left, flusha spots the stacked up attackers and frags getting traded left and right with fnatic coming out on top for the 14:14 tie. Heading into the 29th round after it looked like a quick and dirty game, Luminosity failed to secure the B-site as fnatic now has match point. The crowd is once again cheering up the Brazilian team which is desperately trying to bring it to an overtime. Frags being traded left and right, Luminosity with two low players alive against a full HP Olofmeister with a AWP. As the crowd starts to roar loader and loader, Olofmeister turns around only to get picked up from the direction he was more or less aiming for.

Crazy first overtime round as once again blows are traded left and right with taco eventually coming out on top. Misreading the situation in a three on five situation, fnatic could do nothing against the bomb got planted on B-site. Thanks to great timing, the Swedes manage to stay in the game the following round, taking it down to a three on two and ultimately find the frag against the last attacker. Side switch: Considering fnatic hitting B-site constantly, Luminosity manages to bring flusha down to 8 HP with two nice aggressive HE grenades while also slowing down fnatic's push. With 20 seconds left fnatic pushes down all defenders on A-site and plants the bomb. Both coldzera and fer bring it down to a two on two, even two on one as Olofmeister all of the sudden finds the double kill with his AWP to ruin the round for the Brazilian. Gaining more and more map control and information, FalleN flanks fnatic but gets picked off by JW. With the bomb planted, Luminosity had to do magic work in a two on three situation. Although fer managing to find the triple kill, the bomb already ticked away. Once again match point fnatic: Five CZ for Luminosity. The Swedes do not want to get surprised and play it safe and slow. FalleN finds the bomb moving all alone, taking it down making it a three on three. Ultimately fnatic managed to succeed victorious over Luminosity's CZ's to close out the first map in the Best-of-Five grand final with 19:17 after one overtime.

Round 1 - Best of 3


Round 3 - Best of 5

And on with the show on the second map, de_cache. The Brazilians win the knife round and decide to start as defender. Taco starting big again with a double kill at mid area before fnatic decides to rush for that B-site. Losing more and more HP in the process, fer hears the reload of flusha and decided to go around with his knife, finding that kill. The rest of fnatic defending the planted bomb were quickly overwhelmed, the bomb gets defused in time. Coldzera doing the work in mid area with his scout finding frag after frag in the following round. Luminosity survive the second round with four people alive. The Swedes went for a straight execute on A-site, quickly overwhelming both defenders. The retake came in full force bringing it down quickly to a three on three. Trading blows, fer went for the ninja defuse, barely getting stopped in time. Coldzera is the only one to survive the fourth round in the first half as fnatic ties the series 02:02 with four man alive. JW and dennis find the opening kills followed by a big spray from Olofmeister, making this a flawless anti-Eco round for the Swedes. With a ridicilous amount of pressure in mid, fnatic brings it down to a two on one against fer who only has 22 HP to work with. With the bomb planted on A-site, fer does not find an entry and decides to move away, finding krimz in the end as he went past the surviving defender. Establishing a foothold on A-site again, Luminosity gets shut down before taking out any rifle despite one. The eight round saw a little differend story on A-site as fnx shuts down the push from fnatic. The Brazilians then struggled for three rounds in a row, using a tactical pause with the scoreboard 08:03 in favor of the Swedish team. Despite a nice triple kill from taco, fnatic walks away with another four rounds in a row for the 12:03 finish in favor of the Swedish team.

Despite the effort of FalleN, Fnatic managed to succeed with the A-site retake to kick of the second half of de_cache. Trading blows left and right, Luminosity failed to win the crucial one on ones in the following three rounds, leaving match point to fnatic who eventually closes out the series quickly with 16:03 for the 2:0 in maps.

Will we see a fourth map or can fnatic close out the series on de_inferno? We are yet about to found out as Luminosity already managed to beat fnatic on inferno earlier in the tournament with 16:12. The Brazilians starting as defender and decide to push down mid, quickly removing three Swedes to make it a quick and dirty win with only one man lost in the process. Using that momentum, Luminosity takes the follwing two rounds with ease. Luminosity survives the first gun round against fnatic as the Swedes played with the clock, thanks to a triple kill from fer at the end of the round the Brazilians steal away the fourth round. Bringing the double AWP setup into the sixth round, it seemed that fnatic is letting time run down too much again. Finding the opening after some frags were traded on A-site, the Swedes gamble for the B-site plant which perfectly works out at the end because coldzera moved towards A-site already. FalleN managed to bring down fnatic to only two survivors in the seventh round, with the bomb planted krimz managed to hit the frags, bringing it down to a one on one with coldzera getting the crucial last frag to reset fnatic economically. The Swedes seem to be nervous, as flusha misses a flash. We already have seen some misplaced smokes on both cache and inferno so far. Despite all efforts from the Swedes, the Brazilian team brought home the first half with 12:03 with JW securing at least one additional round at the end.

Luminosity lost the following pistol despite being ahead two on one, JW pushed banana after blows had been traded on A-site to find FalleN before he manages to retreat safely. Hitting his CZ shots he eventually finds the last frag before the bomb defuse to keep the hope for fnatic alive. Having taken away the momentum from the Brazilians, the Swedish team kept grabbing round after round until the nineteenth round. LG manages to read fnatic pretty well, finding a crack in the defense to plant the bomb on B-site to end the run for the Swedes. Following round got down to a one on two where fnatic still managed to come out on top, making the scoreline 13:08, slowly working their way towards a tie as they succeed to take another two rounds afterwards. A well executed B-site rush worked out perfectly in the end for Luminosity, leaving fnatic with an AWP and an Rifle to work in the next round. Unfortunately fer gets picked off early by the AWP. All the Swedes had to do was slowing down the push of the Brazilians which was about to happen via bananas a little further, eventually peeking to finish off the remaining attackers. Doing a little damage with two frags, Luminosity gets mobbed at mid area before heading into the potential match point round. Due to a freeze on fnatic' side, the following round had to be reset. That was the second time this happened in the grand final. Turning it into a mind game, JW plays the round nearly exactly as before picking off the head of coldzera with his AWP, bringing the game down to a four on five with 12 rounds on their scoreboard. Playing it slowly, FalleN tried to find an opening at B-site all by himself with his AWP and manages to get one before the re-frag came in. Another round for the Swedes as the A push did not succeed in the end. With only pistols, fnatic made quick work through LG. Now was the time for the Brazilians to shine, as the scoreboard now showed 14:14 in the second half of inferno. JW playing aggressive, picking up taco with his AWP what also looked like a clear double kill. Flusha then grabs a triple before krimz steals the last, match point for fnatic. With three AK's to work with, fer and taco manage to pick off dennis when flusha and Olomeister played a boost to check on top of a smoke. Falling back a little, blows are traded left and right as the Brazilian team fights for the overtime. Down to a one on two, Olofmeister did not managed to secure the last round: 15:15, yet another overtime in this grand final of the Intel Extreme Masters Katowice 2016 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament.

Tournament life on line as we headed into the first round of the overtime on de_inferno. Trying their luck on A-site, fnatic quickly works through all attackers to secure the first round. Playing a B-site fake with full force, Luminosity manages to take down remaining A-site defender JW to safely plant the bomb. Coldzera did everything he can but failed to frag the third defender. Three rounds in a row for the Swedes in overtime. Battling it out on A-site, the clock ticked down till 23 seconds when fnatic decided to take the spot. As three Brazilians are alive, JW finds once to bring it down to a two on four when the Swedes eventually close out the series.


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