3DMAX ladies win the ESWC Female 2014 title

CS:GO Vladimir “Angel” Kojadinovic

ESWC Female 2014 has come to an end with 3DMAX reign on the top. The French team defeated Team Karma in the grand finals for the title and $5,000 prize.

After the three days of battling it all came down to two teams fighting for the ESWC 2014 title in a best-of-three series. Both teams came out from Group B, where 3DMAX managed to defeat Team Karma, however the North American team was full of confidence after their great comeback in yesterday's semi final against Reason Gaming.

The pick was made and both teams agreed on playing heavily CT sided maps. The first in line was de_cobblestone where the French girls showed how good they are even on the less favored side. They won the first half with 9-6 at T side and then have easily closed the map one with 16-7. The following map was de_nuke where 3DMAX kicked off on the CT side by winning it 13-2. In the second half, Team Karma moved on to their CT side and managed to put some resistance up, but they couldnt deny 3DMAX from winning the championship in style. The score on de_nuke was 16-11.

Prize distribution:
1. 3DMAX - $5,000
2. Team Karma - $3,000
3. Bad Monkey Gaming - $2,000


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