ESL Pro League Season 3 Finals - Luminosity Gaming titled Champions

CS:GO Kyle “ItzT1k1” Larson

Brazil Luminosity Gaming vs. France G2 eSports - 6:9, 4:7 (10:16); 11:4, 5:9 (16:13); 8:7, 2:9 (10:16); 6:9, 10:2 (16:11); 7:8, 8:7, 4:1 (19:16)
Brazil Luminosity Gaming
Maps: de_Overpass, de_Train, de_Cobblestone, de_Dust2, de_Inferno
MVP: Brazil Marcelo "coldzera" David

The best of 5 finals of the ESL Pro League Season Three Finals pitted G2 and Luminosity Gaming. The first map was Overpass, picked by LG. Luminosity had only lost 1 time this year on the map, and this time G2 started with a 3-1 lead, before Luminosity stabilized their economy. After which, LG had a five round streak until G2 brought out the double AWP and finished the half with a 3 round lead at nine to six. Luminosity came back in the second half with the first two rounds swinging the way of LG. Until a third round buy by G2 led to a three round streak. At eight to twelve, LG called a tactical timeout which led to wins in the next two rounds, afterwards, however, G2 finished out the map sixteen to twelve.

The next map was the pick of G2, Train, where G2 beat Luminosity earlier in the tournament sixteen to twelve. Unfortunately for G2, the results were not quite the same. Luminosity began on CT side, and started with a seven to one lead. Then, ScreaM won a clutch with a 4k and brought G2 back. However, LG did finish out the half 11-4. The second half started with a pistol round won by G2, and then they finished the anti-ecos for four rounds in a row. The fifth round went the way of Luminosity, before G2 caught up to make the score twelve to twelve. Then a few rounds went both ways until fnx had a 1v3 clutch and gave Luminosity the momentum to finish the map at sixteen to thirteen.

Afterwards, the map switched to Cobblestone, another map picked by Luminosity. The game started three to three, and rounds continued to go back and forth until LG took the advantage 8-7 for the half. In the second half, G2 came out strong on their T side winning the first three rounds, making the score line ten to eight. Afterwards, LG brought the game back to ten to ten, but G2 would not let Luminosity take the lead and won the next six rounds and the game 16-10.

The fourth map was G2’s pick, Dust 2, where G2 was favoured to take a 3-1 win. They started with a 6-1 lead on their T side until Coldzera made a great play with a 3k in a retake on B site. LG then won the next three rounds and brought the game to 6-4 still in the favour of G2. Then G2 brought a round win before Luminosity broke their economy and finished the half with six rounds. In the next half, LG won another pistol round and the anti-ecos making the game tied at nine rounds each. Then G2 finally responded before their economy was broken again. With all the momentum, Luminosity finished the map 16-11.

The final, decider map came to Inferno, which is no longer in the active duty pool but was being played for possibly the last time at this tournament. Luminosity’s T side started 6-2, before G2 won five rounds in a row and took a one round lead. LG then won a tec-9 eco against G2 and finished the half 7 to 8. LG then won the final pistol round and took a 10-7 lead. G2 was then able to buy and bring some momentum, but then rounds went to each team evenly until G2 had a 15-14 lead. Luminosity did win the 30th round, however, and brought the game to OT. Luminosity started overtime on CT side, where they won all three rounds and set themselves up to only need one round of three on T side. Luminosity’s first round looked very promising putting themselves into a four versus one against Shox. Then Shox went aggressive on FalleN and finished off the other three lit players and kept the French dream alive. Afterwards, Luminosity won the next round and the ESL Pro League Season Three Finals proving they are the best team in the world. 

Images courtesy of @rojphotographer


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