Priest Tier 13 Armor Set Spotlight

Posted by Joakim "Rythian" Hellstrand at 29 September 2011 16:31
Among all the PTR news, Blizzard has also revealed the Priest Tier 13 Armor Set, called Vestments of Dying Light. The art director calls it a "bold, two-tone, Venetian carnival style with creepy, soulless black eyes," with "the ‘Dying Light’ theme visualized as a spiked, setting sun motif."


For a flashback trip to all the previous 12 tiers, follow the link.

All other Tier 13 armor sets can be found here:
Tier Thirteen Armor Sets
WarriorColossal Deathplate
WarlockFaceless Shroud
DruidDeep Earth Vestments
ShamanSpiritwalker's Vestments
MageTimelord's Regalia
RogueBlackfang Battleweave
PaladinBattleplate of Radiant Glory
PriestVestments of Dying Light
HunterYet to be Revealed
Death KnightYet to be Revealed

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