Wild Rift Rivals: LCK vs LPL

  • Prize pool $86,754
  • Starting date 11 Aug 2021
  • Format 5v5
Wild Rift Rivals, which will be held online from August 11th to 14th, will consist of Legend Matches and Main Events. In the Legend Match to be held on the 11th, 'Mad Life', 'Captain Jack', 'Gangmom', 'Helios', and 'Flame', which were 'hard carry' during the LCK's growth, will participate as representatives of Korea. In the LPL, Moyu, LOVELING, LoL legends such as Misaya, XuanXuanPi, and CoLiN will participate, heralding the start of Wild Rift Rivals. This match will be played on a best-of-five system.
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