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As has become tradition, Alienware and Curse are working together to host another Overwatch Monthly Melee. Read on to learn the first six participants.

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As announced on the 30th of March, the Overwatch Monthly Melee for April will be hosted on Friday 14th - Sunday 16th. You will notice the organizers have scheduled in 3 days of matches, and then intent to fill the afternoons/evenings of all three of them. This is because for the first time the OMM will feature a qualifier.

Out of the eight teams that will be playing for the $10,000 prizepool, six have been invited. The other two will be decided based on a sixteen-team playoffs bracket played on Friday 14th. While we do not know the exact list of teams participating in that qualifier just yet, we are happy to share the six invitees with you today;

Group A will feature:

And Group B is comprised of:


As stated, both groups will be joined by one of the teams that make it through the qualifier. Both teams will be able to deliver exciting matches, thanks in part to NRG's new roster as well as the invite of Korean sensation Meta Athena.

One week left till this event will be played. Which group is going to be closer? Let us know in the comments!

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Meta Athena
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NRG's new roster
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