Team EnVyUs acquires IDDQD - Talespin completes the roster

Overwatch Michael “michr” Rosen

The most dominant team of the Beta, IDDQD, has finalized their roster and teamed up with EnVyUs.

The former EnVyUs lineup announced their disband last week; many people asked themselves whether EnVyUs would decide to pick up another Overwatch lineup and where the former Hubris members were headed. Today, we can safely answer the majority of these questions. Talespin will be completing the team under the lead of INTERNETHULK.

Additionally, IDDQD decided to sign a deal with the North American organization and will be representing them in the upcoming tournaments.

The new EnVyUs roster looks as follows:

As one of their first outings under their new organization, EnVyUs will be playing the third place decider for the Overkill.gg League against Luminosity Gaming once the Beta returns. However, they will be playing with a standin for this match, as Talespin is illegiable to play due to him participating in the league with another team prior to teaming up with the former IDDQD squad.

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Do you think the new EnVyUs roster is a upgrade to the former team?

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Thank you for voting!
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