Team EnVyUs, the first NA Overwatch team to get sponsored, has now disbanded

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Team EnVyUs, the most dominant team of Beta Phase one, has disbanded after a string of bad results.

The acquisition of Hubris by EnVyUs received a mixed reception. While there where some people that felt slighted and cheated out of the chance of competing at the highest level knowing that organizations as big as EnVyUs were signing teams that early in the beta, the majority of the competitive Overwatch community saw the deal as one of the first big signs that Overwatch might have a shot at becoming one of the big eSport titles.

In his official statement on the organization's website Mike Rufail, Managing Director at Team EnVyUs, highlighted that he saw the team as „a unit“ and stated that he believed the team could uphold „the EnVy tradition of being a staple on the podium“. Just little over 2 months later it is fair to conclude that both statement have been far from the truth. During their time in EnVyUs the former Hubris team made more headlines with constant roster shuffles and absences of tournaments. The final nail in the coffin seems to have been Taimou, who openly trialed for the team, moving back to team up with IDDQD, as well as the poor results against Cloud9 and Luminosity in the Overkill King of the Beta tournament.

During their time as EnVyUs, the team participated in just two tournaments, both of them being a GosuGamers NA Weekly, placing 2nd and 1st.

The last lineup of EnVyUs consisted of:

The majority of these players is likely to continue on to separate teams. As for EnVyUs, it is yet unknown whether they will acquire another Overwatch team, but early rumors within the scene suggest that they've approached another team to fill the shoes of Hubris.

EnVyUs won‘t be finishing their remaining matches in the Overkill.gg league. We will announce shortly how we will handle the situation.

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  • Joosep "couchor" Krüger ,
    EnvyUs will probably wait for 1-2 months after launch and see if they can get something stable then, unless they have their sights set on somebody who have been playing as a group for a long time and show massive promise and results


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