GosuGamers patch: Heroes of the Storm section fully launched + site updates

General Radoslav “Nydra” Kolev

It's a new month and a time for a new GosuGamers update as we properly welcome another game to the family and do some visual updates to make for an improved user experience. 

Let’s start with the big news – our Heroes of the Storm section is now fully launched, becoming the second new member of the GosuGamers family after we officially welcomed Counter-Strike in July.

Most of GosuGamers’ patrons have seen this coming. We started laying the foundations for the section in early March, shortly after the game went into technical alpha. Although there was scarce information about Heroes of the Storm at that point, it did seem like the type of game we want to cover. It was a Blizzard Entertainment product and a dynamic and entertaining 5v5 experience – all the things we love at GosuGamers.

To be fully honest, however, at the time we didn’t know if Heroes of the Storm had the potential to evolve into an eSport title. The game looked simplified, having many traditional MOBA elements stripped down from it like items, last hitting or a proper laning phase. The team-fight-oriented gameplay made for shorter match times of 15-20 minutes and that in turn seemed odd and unnatural. It wasn’t like any MOBA we’ve covered before. But we gave it a shot nonetheless.

Six months later, we’re looking at a developing Heroes of the Storm competitive scene, which indicates we’ve made the right decision. Although still in technical alpha and even lacking the custom games option, Heroes of the Storm has witnessed the creation of several team leagues, the pioneers in their field. Needless to say, our mission to provide the most extensive eSports coverage possible drove us deeper into Heroes of the Storm territory and after a few adjustments to the site, we’re ready to get serious.

Right off the bat, those who visit the Heroes of the Storm section will see the features that make the backbone of every GosuGamers coverage: a comprehensive matchticker, currently covering the two biggest leagues in Heroes, the ESV League and the Heroes Premier League; news flow, covering the happenings of the scene; and a VOD database where you can filter files by heroes, teams, players, tournaments or a combination of those. If you want to see where ex-StarCraft 2 pro-gamer Idra played Tychus, you can easily do so!

Another thing that’s always been an inseparable part of GosuGamers are the team rankings and those have made their way to Heroes of the Storm as well. Needless to say, with the scene so young, the rankings are in their infancy and are not to be taken too seriously at this point but we know just how important it is to start tracking tournaments from the very first days. Expect the rankings to become more accurate as more tournaments pop up and the scene grows.

Staying on competitive HotS topic, you will also be able to see the record of each player who’s played a televised HotS match. Just like in the Dota 2 or League of Legends sections, the player pages are equipped with heroes stats breakdown, performance graphs, VODs list and transfer history.

While we were on Heroes of the Storm duty, we decided to do some general improvements on the site.


  • Publications now have editor’s info on the bottom: We’ve wanted to do this for the longest time. Putting a face to the words is essential for every coverage site – be it eSports or otherwise – and we love to give our writers more exposure. After each news or featured article, readers will now find a picture of the author, a short about text and links to any personal projects they might be running outside GosuGamers. It’s all about getting to know us better!
  • Front page columns will now float while you scroll down: This means that you will never get a blank space when the contents of a certain column end. For example, while scrolling through the news column – usually the longest one on GosuGamers – you will always see event content in the middle and matchticker/results/forums content on the far right.
  • Design fixes: We’ve changed several things in that regard:
    • Redesign of the comments section, including user avatars. The reply function has also received a visual updated and the reply tree is now better visualized 
    • Changed font of the top rows to make for a slicker look
    • Dark background on the front page news column to fit the overall style of the site
    • Floating navigation so you can access any section or subsection regardless of where you are on the site
    • Link to item betting guide on each itembet-enablde Dota 2 match


As usual, thanks for visiting and supporting GosuGamers.net. Stay tuned as we'll be bringing you more improvements. SoonTM.