Heroes of the Storm in technical alpha

Heroes Radoslav “Nydra” Kolev

Blizzard's own MOBA Heroes of the Storm is in technical alpha, i.e. the earliest client available for testing outside the Blizzard offices. For now, the alpha test will be limited to North American players and press websites before it expands into other regions.

What does technical alpha even mean? According to Blizzard, their aim with this stage is to spread Heroes of the Storm across "boarder spectrum of machines and connection types" to see how the client performs and make adjustments accordingly. As of now, the alpha invites will only be extended to North American players and selected members of the press, who'll not be under any NDA, thus free to share their experience with Blizzard's new project.

Heroes of the Storm is still without a release tag, naturally, as the team game has a long way to go still. The first more detailed gameplay footage was shown last year at Blizzon and several more developers matches have been played since. Little is still known about the game with the most notable change to other 5v5 games like Dota 2 and League of Legends being the simplified gameplay aiming to reduce the laning phase in favor of more team-centered battles. Different maps will also be present, each featuring different side objectives and tasks which team will try to accomplish to gain advantages.

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