Update: Visual update for GosuGamers

General Linus “Tjernobylbarnet” Staaf

The tides of change strike again here at GosuGamers, we have given the site a slightly different theme in terms of details and smaller styling. For instance, the navigation bars have been lifted to the top of the page and been given a new look. At the very top, in the left corner we have placed social media links where you can find GosuGamers on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. To the right of that is where all the bettings currencies for the various sections are displayed. Further to the right is the username of the account being logged in, pressing the name will trigger the user menu. The two latter items mentioned are only shown for logged in users, otherwise there will be a Log in-area there instead. To the outmost right is the clock showing the time in Central European Time (CET, GMT+1). It will be automatically updated to Summer time (GMT+2) during daylight saving time.

Below that are options to browse to a specific game section, namely Dota 2, League of Legends, Hearthstone, StarCraft or Legacy. The Legacy section contains content belonging to other sections which were previously main parts of GosuGamers. Below is the content navigation where you can specify if you want to view news, matches, events, forums and so on. The functionality has not changed, just the layout and design to some extent. Some of the titles have been changed, such as "GosuBets" now being called "Matches" and "Coverage" now being "Events" for an easier understanding.

Besides the navigation issues mentioned above, there are some details changed, such as the content box frames and fonts in various places. We have also moved away from the blue elements and replaced them with red, to match the logo of GosuGamers. There are still a few remnants left but overall we are working forward to removing the remaining things written with blue text and/or all upper case letters.

Other recent changes (as of March 6th, 2014)

  • Added a GosuBet season information box at the match overview and in specific match pages.
  • Updated the requests for online streams at Twitch, to provide more accurate stream information.
  • Added titles to VODs seen in a match page.
  • Seperated the line-up/draft area and the stream area in match pages. Stream will not get affected anymore if you toggle between games of the match.
  • Enabled automatic ranking updates, points are lost/won right as a match is resulted as to opposed to earlier when there was more of a delay.
  • Reworked how "Most Successful Heroes/Champions" are counted for a player in a team page
  • Added an automatic page where all crew members are listed
  • Fixed Dailymotion streams not showing up in the stream ticker


Update (March 10th, 2014)

  • The red text seen in various places have now been changed to more neutral colours, this includes:
    • News titles in the front page
    • Team names and player names in a match page
    • Ranking boxes and betting highscore boxes found in the right column at various pages of GosuGamers
  • Remnants of the older fonts (coverage titles on front page, ranking titles, box titles) have been changed to fit in with the rest of the recent changes. Also the all upper-case style is removed.
  • Social media buttons in the top-left corner as well as login/register links in the top-right corner have been made more visible.
  • An issue where users wouldn't stay auto-logged in has been fixed.
  • The front page news rotator¬†heavily malfunctioned for certain users when using zoom, it's now adjusted to work properly.
  • Changed style of the comments-icon found in the news stream.


We have responded to the feedback given to us a couple of days ago, mainly regarding the various issues people had with the red text, it has now been tuned down as can be read above. Other changes mostly involve various bug fixes.

Please feel free to drop your feedback in the comments below and thanks for visiting GosuGamers!


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