WCS NA: HerO, aLive take the group

General Gosu “GosuGamers” Gamers

Group A played tonight and with players such Killer, aLive, Major, and the favorite to win the group HerO. WCS NA has showed some stellar games so far with the amazing match yesterday of Moonglade and Illusion the quality of the games is only improving.

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Killer stays Alive in the first series of the night

The first series of the night between Killer and aLive was filled with some fantastic plays on both sides. The series was filled with an amount of standard and unconventional play with a proxy rax even thrown in there from aLive. All these fantastic plays were able to have the series tied up 1:1. Then the final game was filled with a large amount of mind games. After the start aLive engineering bay blocked Killer's natural expansion. Killer in turn tricked aLive into thinking he was going three base when he actually went for a roach timing and was able to overwhelm aLive and take the series 2:1.

HerO starts his Warpath through Group A

The second series of the night was between HerO and Major with a fantastic series of matches. Game one HerO favored a blink stalker opening into a high templar transition, and he was able to land beautiful storms on Major's army and take game one. Game two Hero played very greedy going nexus before cybernetics core, however Major went a very economic heavy build as well. Hero then proxied a stargate and suprised Major with two oracles and killed a large amount of his SCVs. After that he was able to hit a timing and take the series 2:0.

HerO becomes the hero of Group A

​The match to see who would be the first to advance to the round of 16 was fought between HerO and Killer. Game one HerO went for a stargate opening with phoenixes. Killer attempted to hit a timing push with a hydralisk/roach ball. However HerO was able to hold it with some magnificent force fields, and he was destroying Killer's economy with his phoenixes while he defended the push, paving the way for him to take game one. Game two was extremely back and forth with Killer responding extremely well to Hero's phoenix harassment. HerO was able to do huge amounts of damage with a dark templar drop while initiating an engagement in the middle of the map, and forcing Killer to GG and give HerO the series.

aLive Wants a Rematch

The losers match was between aLive and Major, and was to see who would go on to face Killer for a chance to advance with HerO to the round of 16. Game one both players teched into mech play, however aLive as able to constantly get favorable engagements, and at one point even caught Major's tanks unsieged and decimated his whole army allowing him to take game one. Game two both players went for a banshee harass, but aLive made a large amount of marines and all in'ed Major and was able to defeat him and take the series 2:0, and move on to face Killer who defeated him in the first match of the group.

aLive Showing his Killer drop plays

The final match of the night was a rematch between aLive and Killer. Game one was extremely back and forth with Killer looking good through most of the game. However he did not deal with an attack from aLive for too long and it destroyed three bases, which forced him to GG. Game two played out much like Illusion vs Moonglade with both sides pushing back and forth with neither player really gaining ground. aLive was able to destroyed numerous bases with his drop play, forcing Killer to simply try to kill aLive with his huge number of ultralisks. aLive was able to suprisingly hold out against the ultralisk force and clinch game two, taking the series 2:0.