Final weekend for WePlay's groupstage

General Gosu “GosuGamers” Gamers

Group C and Group D of WePlay's second groupstage will be played in its entirety this weekend. The top two placers of each group will be the last teams qualified to the playoffs.

The final stages of the WePlay groupstage will begin today at 15:00 CEST with QPad Red Pandas versus Empire and Kaipi versus Dignitas. By the end of the day, Group C will end and the playoffs will be all set with the conclusion of Group D tomorrow.

The format of the groupstage is a GSL group in which teams will have to battle it out in a double elimination bracket to determine the top two placers in their groups. The top two placers will proceed on to the playoffs.

All the match-ups will be played in a best-of-three format and will be covered fully by BeyondTheSummit. VODs for the previous weeks can be found here.

WePlay second groupstage
Group CGroup D

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Group A and Group B of the second groupstage has been played last week. More information on last weekend's results are available here. Below is the list of teams qualified so far.

Germany Mousesports
Ukraine Natus Vincere
Sweden Alliance
Europe Fnatic.EU

No information has been given about the playoffs except that it will begin on the 6th of May. WePlay informed Gosugamers that the bracket for the playoffs will be released on Monday.

Check link for results, news, format and VODs