WePlay group D to be played out today

General Sovann “Skim” Kim

The WePlay tournament continues and it is group D that will be played out today.

Two groups have already been played out and the third is starting today. Group D is considered as less of a nailbiter, with Fnatic.eu being the clearcut favorite in this constellation. However, eL'Pride and especially Kaipi are aspiring teams that can step up to the occasion and rise above.

While Lion's Pride has suffered some losses over the past months - with both Vigoss and Stalk leaving the team - Kaipi has just acquired a new carry in EternalEnvy. The Retry is the dark horse of the group, seeing as the team has not had a lot of exposure, except for the StarLadder Season 5 qualifier, when they played as Grandfathers.

The playday will start with The Retry meeting eL.Pride at 16:00 CET. The underdogs of this group meet the seemingly easiest opponent and the winner of this match-up will be one win away from advancing. Fnatic faces off against Kaipi at 17:00 CET, both teams being the favorites of the group.

Much like the GSL, the format for the group stage resembles a double elimination format, except that there is no grand final being played out.


Match A - 16:00 CET: The Retry vs. eL.Pride
Match B - 17:00 CET: Fnatic.eu vs. Kaipi
Match C - 18:00 CET: Loser of A vs. Loser of B
Match D - 19:00 CET: Winner of A vs. Winner of B
Match E - 20:00 CET: Loser of D vs. Winner of C

*The winner of matches D and E will advance to the playoffs.

Coverage will be provided by BeyondTheSummit TV in English and WePlay Dota 2 in Russian. For those wishing to watch via DotaTV, the tournament ticket is available via the Dota 2 store.

Check link for brackets, VODs and full standings
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