Line-ups announced for the special HotS Proleague event

General Radoslav “Nydra” Kolev

As we reported last week, KeSPA is to hold a special HotS show tournament where coaches build their own teams anew. Today, we get the eight full line-ups.

The only thing that has changed between the announcement and today's team drawings is the elimination of the "at least one of each race" restriction. As a result, the tournament will see an all-toss, all-terran and all-zerg team (as well as the ultimate dream team).

HotS special tournament: The Lineups
Team "Taekbang Leessang"
Sang Yong Han (Team 8)
Korea BisuKorea FlashKorea StorkKorea Jaedong
Team "Cute 4"
Ga Eul Kim (Samsung KHAN)
Korea EffortKorea BravoKorea herOKorea BeSt
Team "People who don't understand SC2 well"
Jae Kyun Lee (Woongjin Stars)
Korea JangbiKorea HerOKorea StatsKorea Argo
Team "CJ Stars"
Dong Woo Kim (CJ Entus)
Korea sOsKorea SoulkeyKorea ZerOKorea Light
Team "Masters"
Yo Hwan Lim (SK Telecom)
Korea TRUEKorea JYPKorea HydraKorea Bbyong
Team "Booster"
Yong Woon Park (EG-TL)
Mexico MajorKorea BabyKorea BogusKorea Last
Team "Captain of the Swarm"
Min Ki Kim (STX Soul)
Korea HoejjaKorea FreeKorea SangKorea s2
Team "RorO, who is in eternal misery"
Ji Hoon Lee (KT Rolster)
Korea OdinKorea CalmKorea HyuKKorea Roro

Although the rule about races has been discarded, the match format, the bracket and the dates remain the same. The teams will play matches that feature both Proleague format (for the first sets) and Winners League format (for the final sets). Quarter and semifinals are Bo5, grand final is Bo7 and all games will be streamed here.

Here are the brackets themselves:


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