Fnatic lead the group on day 1 at LCS

General Gosu “GosuGamers” Gamers

All of the teams put up a spectacular fight with Fnatic managing to put the best show on at today's Championship Series games.

The day launched off with SK gaming putting up a solid fight against Fnatic gaming. What we saw as the end product, however, was a varied reliving of Intel Extreme Masters Katowice where they commanded a heavy lead and lost it all in one big play. xPeke showed his dominance, acquiring over 400 CS in less than 40 minutes.

Though SK had full control of the game for awhile, demolishing dragons, towers, and even seizing the first baron opportunity, they once again could not close out a game, dropping it to Fnatic in one fell swoop.

The game to follow would be Evil Geniuses for the recently terrifying Gambit Gaming, who recently 4-0'd both, then, Azubu teams. However, Gambit Gaming would quickly run into their first mistake: allowing Froggen to pick Anivia and basically counter-picking themselves.

Froggen in his natural habitat.

The game kicked off with some brilliant play from Gambit, picking up the first 2 dragons uncontested, snowballing them off to a huge advantage right from the start. However, this advantage would slip as Evil Geniuses simply outplayed their lanes with Wickd starting 2-0 and getting an 11 minute Warmogs. Still, despite a massive kill deficit, Gambit Gaming held on for a solid 40+ minutes but still suffered defeat at the hands of Evil Geniuses.

After the epic matchup, we had GIANTS! Facing off against Fnatic, a team that crushed them in the qualifiers but didn't have the same luck today. GIANTS played the early game very well but proved to not be able to close out the game and push their mid-game advantage.

Fnatic outtanked the entire enemy team and commenced excellent split push and strategy, driving it to victory.

In the game to finish the night, SK fought long and hard to redeem themselves. Hyrqbot revealed his sick Vi, showing very dextrous plays and helping every single lane of his team and applying immense amounts of pressure. The game starts off as a stomp, with SK 5-0 up, a turret up, and with a dragon on their belts.

Thouhh CHW held off for what seemed to be a perpetual length of time, SK finally manage to close the game out without throwing the lead, consistently and slowly pushing their advantage, taking barons, and taking the game home. SK Gaming has shown they can compete among the best with their current roster, but has trouble closing out the games with the ending of that series.

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