Day 3 wraps up with Dragonborns qualifying

General “DreXxiN”

Today tears were shed whether tears of glory or tears of sorrow, with Dragonborns triumphing over the rest.

The tension was high and the action was immense with the day starting out as Dragonborne vs. Mousesports. For avid fans of Mousesports, this was a massive heartache and was very difficult to watch for most. If you were rooting for Dragonborne, you were probably incredibly happy to see their performance.

The games were not exactly the closest we would have expected for two teams fighting for their respective careers. Though Dragonborne was looking as if they were going to throw for awhile, they more than made up for it with their top laner picking up multiple kills and dominating in the skirmishes. Game 2 was one of the most heart wrenching early game crushes in professional League of Legends history, with Mousesports losing early giving up 7 kills and showing aching emotion on stream.

A saddening reaction by Mousesports at 01:48:41

The next match up was Millenium vs. Meet Your Makers, where prior Millennium had boasts of massive confidence. Though confident they were, Millenium ended up taking the fall to Meet Your Makers in a convincing fashion, managing to put up a good fight but letting themselves slip away.

Finally, for our epic finale, only one could advance into Season 3 from MeetYourMakers and Dragonborns

A look at the pick/bans of the two game series

One very interesting thing to note is that Shushei forced out a ban on Vi after absolutely dominating with him following a very fortunate level 1 teamfight from Dragonborns. Though it was very back and forth, Dragonborns took game 1 and made MeetYourMakers look shaken up during game 2.

After an excellent showcase of skill and determination, Shushei finds himself in a comfortable position in competitive LoL once again. The credit is not all to be attributed to him though, as his team had played remarkable and it was most definitely not a one man show. Most notable is their AD carry player HosaN, who arguably did not have a single bad game and is looking to have a very bright future.

The final qualifying European teams are as follows (with Gosurankings)
Evil Geniuses
Gambit Gaming
SK Gaming
Copenhagen Wolves
Against all Authority