$5,000 GGA Cup ends tomorrow

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 18 December 2012 11:45

After eight months of qualifiers, the Global Gaming Alliance crowns a winner on December 19th. 32 players from four regions enter the pit for $3,000 first place prize.

What started this April now has its player list finalized, all contenders ready to walk the final mile. Each of the four regions North America, South Korea, Europe and South East Asia is well represented, giving us one very global player pool.

The nature of the line-up is surely to conduce to many a David vs Goliath battle. On the side of the powerhouses we have names like GSL finalist HyuN, Fnatic's aces Oz and Alive, ex-Quantic zerg Golden, the WCS Oceania champion Moonglade, Swedish rising star SortOf, the face of Mexico Major, USA champion Vibe and fellow North Americans qxc, Ostojiy and Ddoro. Against them stand a motley crew of qualified and invited participants such as Giantt (top four WCS Combined Europe), EnDer, Ninja, StarNaN, Tefel, Ver, JookTo, Maddelisk and more.

The tournament will begin tomorrow, December 19th at 19:00 CET with as the platform. Detailed bracket and GosuBets will be provided later through the day so stay tuned for more information.

$5,000 in cash and just as much in prizes will be handed out as follows:

1st: $3,000, Levetron Headset, Mouse & Keyboard, AMD FX-8150 3.4GHz CPU
2nd: $1,500, Levetron Headset, Mouse & Keyboard, AMD FX-8150 3.4GHz CPU
3rd: $500, Levetron Headset, Mouse & Keyboard, AMD FX-8150 3.4GHz CPU
4th-5th: Levetron Headset
6th-7th: Levetron Mechanical Keyboard
8th: Levetron Gaming Mouse

All games are played online and streamed on Gwincraft's Twitch stream

Global Gaming Alliance: Grand Finals

South Korea
Korea HyuN
Korea Hwangsin
Korea Sleep
Korea Alive
Korea Oz
Korea Luvsic
Korea Apocalypse
Korea JookTo
Korea Golden
Korea Sting

South East Asia
Australia PiG
Australia Ninja
Australia Petraeus
Australia Moonglade
Australia Mafia
Philippines EnDer
Lithuania Krr
Bulgaria Giantt
Poland Funkay
Sweden SortOf
Sweden StarNaN
Poland Tefel
Romania DeathAngel
Sweden Maddelisk

North America
Canada Ostojiy
United States Vibe
Canada Ddoro
Korea MaSa
United States Shinya
United States Ver
United States qxc
Mexico Major


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