GosuCup Americas: Round 5

General “Skim”

The first rounds of the GosuCup Americas have been played out and we are two rounds away from the finals.

The conclusion to the second edition of the GosuCup Americas draws near as round 6 is approaching tonight.

Favorites pain Gaming, Team dignitas, Vlad's First, fnatic.na, Svenhunterz and ROOT Gaming have all prevailed and are eager to take this tournament. Artyk Gaming, who were recently picked up by Gamer University, however has already dropped out.

1/8 Finals
19.00 - Team Dignitas - vs - Lust is SO Good
19.00 - Eosin+4 - vs - Fumoffu's Throws Fan Club
19.00 - paiN-Gaming - vs - mein mix
19.00 - MadGaming - vs - Afterall Gaming
19.00 - FnaticRC.NA - vs - Infinity Gaming Black
19.00 - GraTs ThO - vs - Svenhunterz
19.00 - ROOT-Gaming - vs - prOp / Sick
19.00 - iDotaGaming - vs - Vlads First

If you want to watch as the tournament unfolds, tune in to Whatiship's stream and NeoDota's stream by Maut, who will cast selected games starting from 19:00 CET.

Source: Tournament Bracket

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