Parting's all kill opens IPTL 2

General Radoslav “Nydra” Kolev

The start of the IGN Pro Team League was given yesterday as reigning champions StarTale met NA-based EG. After having the world champion unleashed upon them, the geniuses scoreboarded a 1-5 loss.

Evil Geniuses led with their newest recruit Revival, a player they signed just two days ago. But while the ex-TSLer came out strong in the first set and took home a win against Curious, he was not able to withstand the WCG and BWC champion PartinG.

The protoss then went on a killing spree and after Revival he claimed the lives of Puma, Thorzain, Jaedong and JYP: a five-man all kill that took him about an hour to accomplish and one that came after a series of two-base timing attacks, a nexus/robo opening and just one proper macro game.

Tonight, the action from Premier Division Group A continues with the teams that divided all GSTL championships this year: FXOpen and Prime. Leenock and staffed team killer Gumiho are ready for another team league triumph but MarineKing, Creator and co are never the underdogs in any match-up.