EG and dd open RaidCall Season 2

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Evil Geniuses and dd open RaidCall Dota 2 Season 2 this Wednesday.

The opening match of RaidCall Dota 2 League Season 2 will be this Wednesday. Team Evil Geniuses and dd will fight in the first of 66 best-of-threes in the main round of this tournament. Twelve teams from Europe and America participate in the 11-week league.

For now, only three matches have been announced in the schedule. After today's opening match, Ayesee and Draskyl will also bring you two matches from the new TeamLiquid squad to your homes: Against fnatic and dignitas, the team will play on 17 and 18 December next week.

After the regular season in the round-robin format, the top 4 teams will play in a final weekend playoff tournament for the podium positions, just as it was the case for the first season of D2L. That first season was won by Empire, followed by Evil Geniuses and dignitas.

Schedule Week 1&2 D2L S2
Week 1
United States Team EGDenmark dd12 December, 13:00 EST/19:00 CET
Week 2
Europe fnaticUnited States TeamLiquid17 December, 15:00 EST/21:00 CET
United States dignitasUnited States TeamLiquid18 December, 15:00 EST/21:00 CET

Teams D2L Season 2:
Russia Team Empire
United States Evil Geniuses
Ukraine Natus Vincere
United States Team Dignitas
Germany mousesports
Europe Team fnatic
United States Complexity Gaming
Sweden Pulse Gaming
Germany We haz Azian
Denmark dd.Dota
Europe Mortal Teamwork
Sweden No Tidehunter

Prizemoney RaidCall Dota 2 League Season 2:
1st - $5,000
2nd - $3,000
3rd - $2,000

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Source: RaidCall Dota 2 League Schedule
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