GosuCup Americas II this weekend

General Linus “Tjernobylbarnet” Staaf

We are proud to announce the sequel to last month's GosuCup Americas. This time around the top three positions also give hardware from ROCCAT in addition to the prize money. The dates for the cup are this weekend, December 15 to 16.

Last cup's final was FnaticNA vs ROOT-Gaming which eventually was won 2-1 by FnaticNA. It remains to be seen if the same teams will play the final once again or if it's time for other teams to step up.

GosuCup America is powered by our friends over at ROCCAT and as always, feel free show them some love and appreciation on their facebook walls on behalf of the Dota 2 community!

ROCCAT: https://www.facebook.com/ROCCAT

It starts Saturday, December 15th and lasts for two days. The prize purse of $1,000 is split up into $500 for the champion, $300 as runner-up and $200 for the winner of the third place decider. There will also be hardware sets from ROCCAT for the top three, the set consists of headset, keyboard, mouse, mousepad.
All matches are played as "best-of-1" with only semi-finals, third place decider and final being a set of up to three games.

256 teams, $1,000 prize money + hardware, USeast server

There will be no explicit country restriction, but all matches have to be played on USeast server, unless agreed otherwise by both teams. To sign in and compete in GosuCup America events everyone needs to register their team on play.GosuGamers.net. You may do so right away, as registrations already are open. For this time around it is also required for each player to enter his or her Steam-ID. Read further down in this news on how to find your Steam-ID.

Entering Game Account: Steam
Note that this time around you will need to enter your Steam-ID when accepting the participation. There are generally two ways of finding your Steam-ID.

The easiest way is to log in on steam's official page and get your normal profile link in a following format: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/7656119xxxxxxxxxx

Then, head over to this site: http://steamidfinder.com/
Enter the Steam Community profile link and click submit and the site will tell you your Steam-ID.
If you're having troubles finding the Community profile, first start Steam and open Settings through the menu. Then open the Interface-tab and activate "Display Steam URL address bar when available". Then open your own Steam Profile through Community or by clicking your name in game. You will see the URL for it.

You can also use Dotabuff - http://www.dotabuff.com
There you search for your screen name, find the proper account. Then you will find your Steam-ID next to "ALIASES" at the bottom-right corner of the page.

Factsheet GosuCup America #1:
Starting time: Saturday, 15 December, 3pm EST (21 CET)
Schedule time final: Sunday, 16 December, 8pm EST (02 CET, Dec 17)
Prize money 1st place: $500 + hardware set (headset, keyboard, mouse, mousepad)
Prize money 2nd place: $300 + hardware set (headset, keyboard, mouse, mousepad)
Prize money 3rd place: $200 + hardware set (headset, keyboard, mouse, mousepad)
NOTE: Shipment to one address only per each team
Server: USeast
Max. slots: 256 teams

Detailed Schedule:
Round of 256: Saturday, 15 December, 3pm EST, Bo1
Round of 128: Saturday, 15 December, 4pm EST, Bo1
Round of 64: Saturday, 15 December, 5pm EST, Bo1
Round of 32: Saturday, 15 December, 6pm EST SGT, Bo1
Round of 16: Sunday, 16 December, 1pm EST SGT, Bo1
Round of 8: Sunday, 16 December, 2pm EST, Bo1
Semi finals: Sunday, 16 December, 3pm EST, Bo3
3rd place match: Sunday, 16 December, 5.30pm EST, Bo3
Final: Sunday, 16 December, 8pm EST, Bo3

Communication: The match page comments will be the primary way of communicating with the other teams. You can contact admins on IRC, teams are free to idle there aswell.

If there are any problems, message tournament admin Angel for English or UpScito for Spanish. You may also post in this thread. For problems finding your Steam-ID, try the Steam-ID thread.

More Information: GosuCup Americas
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