Orange takes first GosuCup Asia victory

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Orange E-Sports and Flash E-Sports met in the finals of the first ever GosuCup Asia and indeed put up a show. Orange E-Sports managed to pull up a win against Flash E-sports to grab the crown.

Out of the 207 participating teams of the first ever Dota 2 Gosucup Asia Orange E-Sports proved once again that they are indeed a force to be reckoned with, defeating every team that comes their way.

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Orange started things of with their Tidehunter laning at top, facing the trilane of Flash E-Sports composed of Pandaren Brewmaster, Venomancer and Chen. Batrider facing mid and obviously had a better advantage on that. then their Tinker having a time of his life at bot with the help of Sandking boxing out the Queen of Pain.

At the 3:30 minute mark, Tinker managed to get the first blood, killing Queen of Pain with the help of Furion and Sandking. As usual it was a hard lane for Tidehunter, forcing him to jungle for the moment just to get a little bit more of experience. That gave Flash an opening, taking down the top tier 1 tower at the 6 minute mark. Later on, Batrider tried to kill Lanaya with the use of his haste rune, but unfortunately wasn't able to kill him as quickly as he planned, leading him to his death.

The first team fight of the game happened at top when Flash tried to take down the top T2 tower of Orange. It was looking good for Flash, as they killed Batrider, Tidehunter and Furion in exchange for their Chen. This gave them another opening to take down their second tower of the game.

At the 8 minute mark, tinker was able to buy his Boots of Travel and later on killing Venomancer at the mid lane with the help of Furion.

Panda was able to get his Blink Dagger at the 11 minute mark which was essential for him later on at the team clash as Flash managed to kill Tinker in exchange for their Venomancer. Sandking narrowly escaping with the help of his Burrowstrike.

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Highly mobile lineup by Orange with mass Blink Daggers and Boots of Travel

At the 15 minute mark, Batrider got his Blink Dagger and Orange immediately smoked up, both teams met in the Dire jungle near the mid lane and unfortunately for Orange, Flash was ready for them leading to the death of both Batrider and Sandking. And another chance for Flash to get the Mid T1 tower and that's just what they did.

The kill score at the 20 minute mark was 14-13 in favor of Orange, proving how close this game was for a long time.

At the 22 minute mark, Orange tried to take down the bottom T1 tower of Flash, Pandaren immediately initiated for Flash leading to a kill against Tidehunter and Lanaya then later on taking down Orange's bottom T1 tower. After that Flash got a chance to kill Roshan and gave the Aegis to Lanaya.

Queen of Pain got a chance to finish his Linken's Sphere and Sandking got his Blink Dagger at the 24th minute mark, then Lanaya later on finishes his Black King Bar.

At the 32 minute mark, Flash was able to pick off Furion with a smoke gank. Then later on Orange got a chance to take down the supports of Flash and pick off Queen of Pain at top with a smoke gank of their own.

Tinker got his guinsoo’s scythe of vyse and Tidehunter got his blink dagger together with his khadgar's pipe at the 35th minute mark. Flash decided to push at mid while they still got the aegis on Lanaya, they managed to kill Sandking and Furion then taking down the mid T2 tower later on. Queen of Pain finished his Scythe of Vise after that.

At the 40 minute mark, Venomancer was quickly picked off, while Lanaya and Chen were killed later on after a clash. It was a 31-25 hero kill lead advantage for Orange and the game was going their way. They took down the top T3 tower and barracks and later on, Queen of Pain was picked off yet again which forced Flash to call good game at the 43 minute mark.

Orange E-Sports taking the victory, gaining $500 cash prize money.

Flash E-Sports was unable to continue on with the Best of Three finals to take part in the G1-League Qualifiers which lead Orange E-Sports to a 2-0 victory and taking the first ever Dota 2 GosuCup Asia crown.

Final tournament standings:
1st - Malaysia Orange E-Sports ($500)
2nd - Singapore Flash E-Sports ($300)
3rd - Malaysia Invasion ($200)

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