$100 Ribbon's TvT 1 Factory Tour is over

General Marius “LML” Z
Yesterday evening eight players fought it out in the $100 Ribbon's TvT 1 Factory Tour where the top three were rewarded with a part of the prize money.

How would the mirror match ups change if there were restrictions to alter the normal play out? This series of tournaments

Top 3 placements
$50Canada Bizzy[PaiN]
$30Germany iFU.Cryoc
$20United States Michael[PaiN]
shows us exactly that. Ribbon is sponsoring a couple of tournaments that feature restricted mirror match ups.
First up was the No Spire ZvZ tour, which was won by the Polish LRM)trutaCz, second up now was the 1 Factory TvT tour in which each player was only allowed to have a total of one factory at a time.

Needless to say that both of these restrictions changed the match ups significantly and so this past weekend showed us alot of TvT's containing either bio tech, or alot of air units.

The Canadian Terran player Bizzy[PaiN] managed to defeat the German Terran player iFU.Cryoc with 4-1 in the grand finale, taking home $50, leaving Cryoc with $30. The third place match was cancelled after the first game as the Croatian Protoss player sas.LocDog didn't want to continue at this point, giving the third place to the US-American Zerg player Michael[PaiN] and awarding him with $20.

A huge VOD of Hacklebeast's cast of the tournament can be found on his twitch.tv channel. Seperate games can be found on his youtube channel.

teamliquid.net - Source
twitch.tv - VOD of the tournament
youtube.com - Seperate VOD's