$150 Defiler Tour #42: Results

General Marius “LML” Z
Last Sunday the fourty-second edition of the infamous Defiler.ru Tours was played. This time the prize pool was doubled to $150.

Defiler.ru Tour #42 - Top 4
$80United States LaStScan
$40Spain iFU.eOnzErG
$20Peru SJ.TerrOr
$10Poland LRM)trutaCz
It has already been the 42nd Defiler.ru Tour that was played last Sunday and alot of great players signed up and showed up on early Sunday to duke it out for the total prize pool of $150.

The fourth place was taken by the Polish Zerg LRM)trutaCz who was sent to the loser's bracket by third placed Peruvian Terran SJ.TerrOr in the winner bracket's round of four. While trutaCz managed to advance to the match for rank four after that he lost that match to the later winner, US-American Terran LaStScan.
TerrOr on the other hand went on to the winner bracket's finals where he had to face the Spanish Zerg player eOnzErG, whom he lost to and was also sent to the loser's bracket. He then had to face LaStScan, who just beat trutaCz, and was also not able to overcome him, ending the tournament with the third place.

The grand finale was to be played between LaStScan, who previously lost in round 1 due to a walk over and had to fight his way through the loser's bracket, and eOnzErG, who convincingly won the winner's bracket, dropping only one single game. The player who comes from the winner's bracket starts 1-0 into the best of five series, but even that didn't help eOnzErG against the eventual winner, LaStScan, who secured the first place with a 3-1 score, not dropping a single game throughout the whole tournament.

The bracket can be found over at the defiler.ru website. There are also download links for replay packs of either the whole tournament, or only the winner's games.

defiler.ru - Bracket and replay packs