Syndra explained, Twitch and Viktor needing work

Posted by Michael "Zechs_" Radford at 06 September 2012 18:42
With the newest champion looking pretty unusual, RIOT cleared up a few issues surrounding Syndra.
After Synda was recently released on the PBE, it became fairly clear that she’s a bit special. The ability power caster seems like a lot like Orianna at first glance, but one of her abilities, “Force of Will” has apparently caused some confusion among players. The spell allows Syndra to certain units and RIOT forum poster Meddler stepped in to list most of them:

Can be thrown:
- Yorick Ghouls
- Tibbers (though he'll continue to burn you so you'll want to throw him fast!)
- Shaco Jack in the Boxes (you'll still get feared though!)
- Malz Voidlings

Can't be thrown:
- Jarvan's Flag
- Anivia's Wall/Trundle's Pillar
- Teemo Shrooms
- Wards
- Zyra’s plants
- Heimerdingers’s turrets

Elsewhere on the RIOT forums, there was some news on champion updates. They are still not happy with Twitch after his remake, though Soulcrushed believes that his ultimate is the best in the game for an AD carry. “His ultimate is ungodly strong when used right,” he wrote. But the developers do have some ideas about how to balance out the rest of his kit, such as Spray and Pray granting attack speed instead of damage, and Ambush dealing bonus magic damage instead of attack speed, as well as adding two extra poison stacks. This is all being tested right now, and won’t see the light of day for some time.

Following on from one rebuilt hero to another who probably needs a rebuild. Viktor “needs an extensive overhaul from the scripting side,” wrote Soulcrushed. “I think the base skills are more or less fine […] The augments is where most of my work is going into atm."

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