Potm Bottom eliminate Na'Vi from The Defense

Posted by Christoph "malnor" Helbig at 03 August 2012 20:35
The American team Potm Bottom has removed Na'Vi from The Defense tournament. With a straight 2-0 PB continues its long way through the lower bracket and goes up against mousesports next. Na'Vi finishes the tournament in 7th place.

The title holder is out! Na'Vi loses against team Potm Bottom and finishes only in seventh place - just as good as team SGC did. Potm Bottom is one of the few teams to eliminate Na'Vi in best-of-three in an important game. mTw recently did that twice: Once at DreamHack Summer and once at the TPL Masters final. Quantic Gaming achieved it in The Defense upper bracket.

Potm Bottom can now call themselves International champion-slayers. In a convincing 2-0 against Na'Vi, the team secures a place under the top 6 of The Defense.

Na'Vi losing the spirit of invincibility

Na'Vi cannot be content with the course of The Defense playoffs. Starting in the upper bracket, the team lost against Quantic Gaming in the playoff-opener. After eliminating We haz Asian, the last remaining all-German team, hope remained to fight all the way through the lower bracket. But already in their second lower bracket match, Potm Bottom now has terminated Na'Vi's hunt for a second Defense title.

Potm Bottom's third win in the lower bracket

After barely reaching the Defense playoffs with a 2-3 score and having to account on the better time rating, Potm Bottom has massively improved the performance: Team Empire, Darer and now Na'Vi have lost against Potm Bottom in the lower bracket already. Next up for Potm is team mousesports. They will not take the match lightly after Potm Bottom's convincing victory over Na'Vi.

The Defense
Ukraine Na'ViUnited States Potm Bottom
invoker sandking lycanthrope
dark seer naga natures prophet
morphling queen of pain
lone druid chen
venomancer tidehunter tinker
rubick broodmother enigma
windrunner enchantress
shadow shaman bounty hunter

The Defense
United States Potm BottomUkraine Na'Vi
natures prophet rubick chen
lycanthrope dark seer naga
tinker venomancer
vengeful spirit shadow demon
invoker tidehunter leshrac
broodmother brewmaster enigma
lone druid shadow shaman
sandking shadow fiend

With Na'Vi and SGC eliminated from the lower bracket, only six teams remain in the final week before the grand final on Sunday, 12 August: Counter Logic Gaming and compLexity in the upper bracket, and Quantic, Evil Geniuses, Potm Bottom as well as mousesports in the lower bracket.

Schedule The Defense Playoffs
Upper Bracket
Sweden Counter Logic Gamingvs.United States compLexity
Lower Bracket
United States Quantic Gamingvs.United States Evil Geniuses
United States Potm Bottomvs.Germany mousesports

Final Standings The Defense:
1. TBD (€6,000 EUR)
2. TBD (€2,500 EUR)
3. TBD (€1,500 EUR)
4. TBD
5. TBD
5. TBD
7. Ukraine Na'Vi
7. Slovakia SGC
9. Europe mTw
9. Russia Moscow 5
9. Germany We haz Asian
9. Ukraine Darer
13. Australia absolute Legends
13. Belarus PowerRangers
13. Germany uebelst gamynG
13. Russia Empire

Source: The Defense