Infused lead Na`Vi in Division 2a, WhA are first in 2b

Posted by Dexter "kurtcos" F at 18 July 2012 09:27

Division 2 is going strong with all but one Playday 3 match played out between our participating teams. Team Infused and We haz Asian top Divisions 2a and 2b respectively, although much can change in the coming weeks.

Division 2aDivision 2b
Sweden Team Infused3/0/06Germany We haz Asian2/2/06
France BAGUETTE2/1/05Russia Empire2/0/04
Ukraine Natus Vincere2/1/05Russia mnsG1/2/04
Russia zNation2/1/05Europe Kaipi1/1/03
Sweden eVoDota20/2/04Germany uebelst0/3/03
Jordan ZHOME0/1/31Belarus PowerRangers0/2/12
Czech Republic iN0/0/30Europe Super!!0/1/21
Germany DPP0/0/30Portugal 404.0/1/31

Na`Vi's experimental lineup against zNation gave them their first loss of the tournament and forced them to settle for a tied second in table standings. Our season one champions Infused top the Division 2a although it is important to note that they have not played Na`Vi, and will only do so on Playday 6.

Empire, on the other hand, are close to completing a hat trick in league matches this season, having two wins to their name and bested only by We haz Asians, who are at the top of 2b with two wins and two draws respectively.

Stay tuned as a horde of Division 2 matches take place tonight, live.

More information: GosuLeague