mTw without syndereN clinch 2-0 victory over in GosuLeague

Posted by Patrik "Raistlin" Hellstrand at 25 June 2012 16:58


mTw, with stand-in Christoffer "Ryze" Winther in the lineup instead of team captain Troels "syndereN" Nielsen, scored an important 2-0 victory over in yesterday's GosuLeague match. Catch the VODs and a quick match review below.

GosuLeague Playday 4 \ mTw vs. NEXT \ Game 1
Europe mTwKazakhstan
broodmother dark seer chen
invoker natures prophet leshrac
venomancer shadow demon
enigma shadow shaman
lycanthrope windrunner crystal maiden
chaos enchantress queen of pain
puck beastmaster
brewmaster vengeful spirit
beastmaster fckngmad (Mid)
puck Funzii (Top)
windrunner Sockshka (Bot)
crystal maiden Kebap (Bot)
lycanthrope Ryze (Jungle)
chaos Mantis (Bot)
brewmaster StalCat (Mid)
vengeful spirit Reeves (Bot)
enchantress Lucky (Jungle)
queen of pain eQual (Top)
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In similar fashion as their games at DreamHack, mTw won the lanes step by step and carved their way to victory with the similarity of killing someone with a spoon. The first game had Ryze try for a jungle top push with the Lycanthrope but was caught by the Enchantress (Lucky) which lead to a quick death for the beast. But with continued solid farming by the Lycan, mTw was given a huge gold advantage which truly made a difference in the game.

The game then progressed with Lycantrophe going midlane. Then, by winning the team fights, with Funzii's Puck disabling the Brewmaster's ultimate in some of the fights, and with better timing the recent DreamHack champions could seal the first game as theirs.

GosuLeague Playday 4 \ mTw vs. NEXT \ Game 2
Kazakhstan NEXT.kzEurope mTw
broodmother chen natures prophet
lycanthrope dark seer invoker
lone druid queen of pain
tidehunter sandking
chaos windrunner leshrac
enchantress enigma shadow demon
beastmaster lich
shadow shaman venomancer
chaos Mantis (Bot)
lich Lucky (Bot)
windrunner StalCat (Mid)
leshrac Reeves (Bot)
beastmaster eQual (Top)
shadow shaman fckngmad (Mid)
enigma Funzii (Top)
venomancer Sockshka (Bot)
enchantress Ryze (Bot)
shadow demon Kebap (Bot)
Check out the match casted by Netherlands Sheever!

The second game finished just before the 40 minute mark and featured some very nice bottom lane fights where Sockshka's very aggressive Venomancer gave the mTw quintet an early gold and experience lead. Team fights went the team's way, and NEXT were unable to head in to the fights the right way. The game eventually ended with a 46-14 kill advantage for mTw.

The victory puts mTw in the very top of the GosuLeague with 4 points as they clinch their very first 2-0 score in the top division.


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