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GosuLeague Division 1 replacement matches

This week will feature a special qualifier for division 1 of GosuLeague. The reason behind that is the disbandment of DTS and ItsGosu, both taking part in division 1 of GosuLeague. The teams invited to play the qualifiers are Empire, Darer, mTw, SGC and VP.

First off, since DTS is no more, there'll be a clash between Empire and Darer. Remnants of DTS can be located in both these teams; MAg~, Funn1k and Go[blin] went to Darer whereas Alwayswannafly and Jackal joined Team Empire. This game takes place in a bo3-manner tomorrow at 19.CET, i.e. after the StarLadder match between the same teams. The winner of this match-up claims DTS' spot in division 1.

But that's not the end of it. The team failing to qualify of these two will take part in Friday's qualifier along side mTw, SGC and Virtus.Pro. The last team standing will replace ItsGosu in Gosuleague's division 1.

Qualifier I - May 31st
TimeBest-of Team 1 Team 2
19.00 CET 3Ukraine Darer vsRussia Empire
Qualifier II - June 1st
TimeBest-of Team 1 Team 2
18.30 CET 1Slovakia SGC vsOther Darer/Empire
19.30 CET 1Europe mTw vsRussia Virtus.Pro
20.30 CET 3Other finalist vsOther finalist

The prize pool last season consisted of $1500. This upcoming season it'll be slightly juicier; the Top Three will split a pot of $3500. The first playday of season 2, for both division 1 and division 2, kicks off this weekend. Stay tuned.

GosuLeague Division 1
Sweden Infused Sweden Keita-Gaming
Russia Moscow5 Kazakhstan NEXT
Germany mousesports Germany EnRo-GriFFins
Other Qualifier I Other Qualifier II

Update: SGC replaces Wolves in this qualifier, and Friday's games are postponed 30 minutes.

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