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Up two for Dreamhack

Two of the qualifiers have been played and two more teams will be preparing for Dreamhack this summer. The Russian onslaught Moscow5 aswell as the currently unsigned talents in ex-GoSu will probably pick up a few words of Swedish.

In the middle of the (rather quiet) battlefield at Cyberarena in Kiev, Moscow5 managed to capture the final of the first qualifier, taking the win over coL. KongoTime caught some of the action on film:

About an hour ago, the second qualifier ended with ex-GoSu coming back with two victories after losing the first game to Keita-Gaming. Korok shared a few words with GosuGamers.

How does it feel to be added to the list of attending teams?
Korok: It feels great. Our team has been working very hard towards this result and it's nice being able to rebound from our downtime.

Were you worried after the loss in the first game of the final?
Korok: To be honest, no, I wasn't worried. The game was decided by a single miscommunication at Roshan which put us in an impossible situation. I knew that after that game we would put in 110% effort into games 2 and 3.
(Editors note: The miscommunication at Roshan above resulted in a very explosive team wipe favouring Keita-Gaming.)

What is the current situation for you, being unsponsored and all?
Korok: We are in talks with a few organizations regarding sponsorship deals. While we haven't made a decision yet, we are looking for an organization who we can proudly represent. We don't feel there is a drastic need to rush into signing because we want to find a team that is right for us.

Sounds reasonable, thanks for the time and congratulations for qualifying. Any shoutouts?
Korok: Big shoutouts to Connie, the GMU crew, Horsecamp and Fun in the Sun Gaming. Please check out my stream at http://www.twitch.tv/korokodile
PAINTITGOLD: Shoutout to Grant, Jeyo, ixmike, coL, frankie, BLEEK, SNOOPSTER, he who shall not be named, Fun in the Sun gaming, Mali, Longman, Kevin, disgusting fatslob austin, destinyXyousefXslayer.

Dreamhack 2012 Summer, Teams
Invites Qualified
Europe mortal Team work Russia Moscow5
Ukraine Natus Vincere United States ex-GoSu
Sweden Counter Logic Gaming Other Online qualifier #3
Denmark Quantic Gaming Other Online qualifier #4
United States Evil Geniuses Other BYOC qualifier #1
Germany mousesports Other BYOC qualifier #2
Australia Absolute Legends Other BYOC qualifier #3
Russia Darer Other BYOC qualifier #4

Tune in on Tuesday for next qualifier. Check out the official site for more information.

UPDATE: The last two invites are announced aswell; Darer and aL. Read this article for the seperate news.

GosuGamers - The last two invites
BinaryBeast - Brackets, qualifier #1
BinaryBeast - Brackets, qualifier #2
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