$205 NoisE ASL

General Marius “LML” Z
The foreign amateurs who are in the yellow ranks of C- to C+ now have a chance to compete in a StarLeague that holds a total of $205.

With a ladder stage starting on April 6, at 13CET, all players in the team for NoisE's Amateur StarLeague are to compete against each other in a ladder stage where the top 28 players will advance to the next stage where they will be divided into 8 groups à 4 players. The top four of the last tournament will join in at this point.
The ladder stage will end on April 22, and just a week later the groupstage will begin, spread out over two weeks with 4 groups being played per week.

In order to sign up for this StarLeague you require to not be worse than C- and not be better than C+ in iCCup ranks in general.
If you meet these requirements go ahead and send an e-mail to [email protected] with the following information:
Your most well known ID:
The race they will be using throughout the entire tournament(If you racepick, please specify in the email) :
Your MAX achieved rank:
Your IP address:

You will also have to attach a small replaypack where you add two games for each matchup, the games shall not be shorter than 10 minutes.
After sending the e-mail you can join the iCCup team with a newly made account which has the ASL tag in it.

A big shoutout to the sponsors of this league goes to NoisE, Nebopolis and Sayle.

The tournament is organized by Shimy with help from nOoNe, CobaltBlu, Pholon and Zimp and will be streamed by L_Master and Psyonic_Reaver. Graphics are done by Shiroiusagi.

teamliquid.net - Source and further information