EG replaces EHOME in HFGL

General Dexter “kurtcos” F
EG at WDC 2011.

It's the month of EG as they begin their bootcamp in China with their first online tournament, the Hao Fang Golden League. Replacing EHOME who are currently struck with temporary disbandment, EG will play their 7th-place decider match against WE on behalf of EHOME tonight at 13:00 CET.

Fans got a glimpse of what the Evil Geniuses were capable of at WDC, putting up a commendable performance against the Chinese. With plans to train in China with the best, take your first glimpse of EG DotA tonight as they square off against WE.

Could this be a sign of more things to come? Tune in to the match tonight at 13:00 CET to find out. An English stream will be provided by Luminous at this link.

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