BroodWar teams are playing StarCraft 2

General Radoslav “Nydra” Kolev
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According to, all but one of the current Brood War teams have started practicing StarCraft 2! This is done as a preparation to the upcoming ProLeague season which is possibly to feature both BW and SC2.

An English translation by a member of the TL forums further sheds light on the issue. Apparently, many teams have confirmed to having started the practice process and are not opposed to be involved with the game. Several teams and a few pro-gamers and eSports official have each given statements, which inclines one to think that the era of the big BroodWar-to-StarCraft 2 transition is indeed close.

Team A:

It's a situation where we can't not prepare for SC2 so we are continuously practicing. As there is a good system in place where everyone watches each others matches and shares information their skill is increasing rapidly. They are still far beneath the players who had started playing since SC2's release, but an official from a SC2 team we had practiced with recently told us that 'It's unbelievable how these players could get to this skill level in just 2 weeks'.

Team B:

If it was a game with a completely different genre it wouldn't be the case, but our team's progamers are conditioned for RTS games. Things like creating builds, coming up with solutions for certain situations and other knowledge doesn't just disappear, so players who were good at BW will also be good at SC2.

Team C:

After making them practice, the named players have been able to show similar skill in SC2. Compared to BW, SC2 also has a shorter play time so players have actually been able to practice even more than they did previously.

Brood War champions A and B:

We are practicing while watching GSL matches. If we start for real I think we'll be able to become top players soon.

Additional sources like a Reddit post by MLG's Slasher hint, that Flash himself as well as the entire team of CJ Entus have already started practicing StarCraft 2.

Of course, nothing can be fully disclosed until KeSPA comes up with an official statement about the next Proleague season. The association resolved their IP rights issues with Blizzard earlier this year, but are still to come to an agreement with Blizzard and Gretech regarding the tournament side of StarCraft 2 (or announce such an agreement publicly).

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