Digi Ultimate to represent Indonesia in TGX Arena

General Terrence “MrBlue” Wong

Another team has been confirmed to be participating in the upcoming TGX Arena. Representing Indonesia will be Digi Ultimate, formerly known as AlienwareDG, who came in eighth place at SMM 2010.

Digi Ultimate will be heading to Singapore from the 9th to 11th of September to participate in TGX Arena, where the best DotA teams of Asia will converge and play.

A short interview is available below with player, Rusher, regarding their participation. Credit goes to NdRuw.

The upcoming event you will participate is TGX where your team will compete with many tough South East Asian players. What preparation would you have to face this tournament?
-"We will do our best to lift Indonesia’s name to the international class. The team has been practising rigorously four times a week at least. We also try different tactics and sparring. The training facility has been improved by a very helpful host RGC game where we used to practice in Garena and confront the issue of hostbot."

What do you say about the other teams from Malaysia (MUFC), Aeon (Singapore) and Phillipines (MI.ASUS) who are likely to be your tough competitors in the TGX?
-"We never underestimate the power of the opposing teams at all. For us, they are always considered top class players who have their own unique and unusual strategy. MUFC, Aeon and Happyfeet, known as MI.ASUS nowadays, are teams comprising of old players whose quality is undoubted. We will certainly exert our best effort to defeat them."

Okay, I think that's all, thank you Vicky for your time. Congratulations and good luck in winning the upcoming competition.
-"Thank you, keep supporting Indonesia to become the best team. *smiles*"

Statement from Doddie "wAR" Ariffandie:
-"This journey isn’t the first time to promote Indonesia’s name to Asia. We will prepare ourselves with everything in details and of course we will practice really hard. Although there is no powerful teams from China, this match is not going to be easy for all teams. Everyone has opportunity to be the best and become the champion of TGX Singapore."

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