China-Vietnam DotA extravaganza continues

Posted by Kai "Treble1999" Chua at 27 July 2011 13:23
A chance for Vietnamese teams to salvage national pride as the battle continues, pitting nation against nation in an exciting King of Fighters style series of showmatches. Platform 11 brings us three straight days of electrifying DotA.

After convincing victories over their Vietnamese counterparts last week, LGD is back for more blood, this time as part of a Chinese contingent looking to get one over Vietnamese rivals. In the last outing, Vietnamese clan StarsBoba were swept aside easily by the Chinese powerhouses and will see this competition as the best chance for revenge. With victories in both the Solo-Mid and Clan match-ups under their belt and confidence at a high, will China be able to complete a clean sweep of this epic battle of nations, or will the Vietnamese get their act together and topple their certainly more well-known opponents?

Only one thing is for certain, with national pride at stake, we are all in for a feast of exhillarating, high-skilled DotA.

King of Fighters Style Match ups
Order of teams from ChinaEarliest Participation Date and Time GMT+8Latest Participation Date and Time GMT+8Order of teams from Vietnam
China CDEC29/7 at 20:00Vietnam KST
China DH29/7 at 21:0029/7 at 22:00Vietnam G4V
China SL29/7 at 22:0030/7 at 21:00Vietnam CCSD
China Nv.Cn30/7 at 20:0031/7 at 21:00Vietnam CyZone
China TyLoo30/7 at 21:00Vietnam StarsBoba
China DK31/7 at 20:00Vietnam WaG
China LGD31/7 at 21:00Vietnam SkyNet

Additional information:

- Matches will be played in a "best of 1" single elimination system. The team that is defeated will not be allowed to play anymore. However, the winning team will then go on to challenge the next team from the losing country.
- After a team has won twice consecutively, they have to rest and allow the next team to play. They can only play their third match after all the teams from their country have played.
- This means that at least four different teams from each nation will play.
- Day one will end when three teams from one nation have been defeated.
- Day two will end when five teams from one nation have been defeated.
- Day three will end when all the teams from one nation have been defeated.

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