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rD.BW Winners Tournament Semi Finals tonight

After two weeks of the rD.BW Winners Tournament already lying behind us, there are two more ahead of us, the semi finals and the grand finale, whereas the semi finals are going to be played tonight.

Last Friday the second group was played between the German Protoss player dOTY, the US-American Zerg vTv.JoeKim, the US-American Scan and the United Kingdom representing Zerg player Nb.Karate all fighting for the top two spots to advance to today's semi finals.

Below are the results of last week.

rD.BW Winner's Tournament Group B
United States Scanw.o.United States vTv.JoeKim
United States Scan2-1United Kingdom Nb.Karate
United Kingdom Nb.Karate2-1Germany dOTY
United States Scan2-1Germany dOTY
United Kingdom Nb.Karate2-1United States JoeKim
Germany dOTY2-1United States JoeKim

This gives us four players for tonight's semi finals, and the matches are set as following.

rD.BW Winner's Tournament Semi Finals
United States ScanvsNorway Nb.WhistleR.
United Kingdom KaratevsSpain iFU.eOnzErG

Do you think you know who will win each of these best of five matches?
Well, go ahead and place your bets in our GosuBet section.

The whole event will be starting at 21.00CET, and it will be casted live by rD.Sayle over on his justin.tv channel, where you can also find the recordings of the other rounds aswell as other casts made by him.

teamliquid.net - Source
gosugamers.net - Place your bets!
justin.tv - Watch the stream live

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