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General13 years agoMarius "LML" Z

Defiler.ru Tournament #21

After a pause of one week, the weekly Defiler.ru Tournament is back, bringing us its twenty first edition, already!

It's been almost two weeks since the last time you were able to participate for the weekly $75 prizepool, where the first four places take home some of it, divided into $40, $20, $10 and $5.
The starting time is set to 10.10CET on Sunday morning, as usual. Starting into a best of three mode for the winner bracket and a best of one mode for the loser bracket, right away, to give you an even higher chance to reach the top four and take home what you deserve.
The mappool consists of the current Maps of the Week on the iCCup server, and the first map is set for each match, while the loser picks the next map if the match consists of more than one game.

So sign up now and don't forget to check in on Sunday, starting at 9.30CET, with the tournament starting at 10.10CET.

defiler.ru - Tournament page with sign up and information

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