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DotaLicious Vouch League

Dotalicious-Gaming steps up their game by upgrading their Vouch Level to a League. The top notch gaming platform now has top notch prizes to compete for.

Public hero MadMortigan was around for the dawn of Dotalicious-Gaming, and his infamous "ding-dong" could be heard, until earlier this year, with each game starting. As an alternative to Garena and other platforms, Dotalicious provides users with simple navigation, reconnection tools and dedicated hostbots as well as many other uniquely adapted features for every game.

With co-admin Aussie being vouchers, they're now taking the next step. All professional players and clans are being asked to contact Aussie for a quick and painless entrance into the client and league.

The current Vouch Level will be reset on June 1st, so new players have a brief period of time to get familiar with the platform. The prizes are pretty interesting, and will benefit different types of players. The following achievements will be awarded:

250$ - ranked first
150$ - ranked second
100$ - ranked third
50$ - most assists
50$ - most raxes destroyed
50$ - most towers destroyed
50$ - first to reach 100 games played in the league

After six weeks of uptime, these prizes will be handed out. And for six weeks further, there'll be additional giveaways on a weekly basis.

Comment by co-admin Julian 'Aussie' Holm:
"Dotalicious is still in development, in fact we always will be. We are constantly striving to meet the needs and demands of our users while making their gaming time as enjoyable as possible. VL doesn't make itself happen but considering what we offer in regards to our superior client and the unique capabilities of our platform DLG really is the perfect place to have something like Vouch League. With that in mind VL is certain to be a long running success for the professional DotA scene."

Visit the link below for the full announcement. Additional information about the platform can be found on their site as well.

Update: Maelk, previously mentioned voucher, was removed from this news as he his no longer part of Dotalicious.

Dotalicious-Gaming - Full announcement
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