YamateH & Koy: "We are leaving Scythe"

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The truth is out: both Wei Poong 'YamateH' Ng and Theng Lip 'Koy' Lim have announced their decision to part ways with Singaporean outfit Scythe Gaming.

Left to right: roy, Sharky, hyhy, Koy, YamateH

In an exclusive interview with Gosugamers last night, the Malaysian superstars confirmed rumours that they have left the organisation, citing "financial instability" as the reason for their abrupt departure.

When asked what their future plans were, Koy said:

Although I know Scythe has been trying its best to support us, both YamateH and I still felt financially insecure. Besides, I am planning to further my studies soon while YamateH has his real-life career to focus on.

Since its inception in September 2010, Scythe were crowned Asian DotA Championship (ADC) 2010 champions and managed a second place finish at the recently concluded I-City Pro DotA Championship, losing to CCM in the final.

The following is the full-length interview conducted with YamateH and Koy:
Hello guys, welcome to the interview. People were stunned when they saw on Facebook that you decided to leave Scythe. Can you confirm this?

Koy: Yes it is confirmed, both of us have tendered our resignation.

What is the main reason behind your sudden decision to part ways?

YamateH: I quit for several reasons. Firstly I have my own career now and I am constantly occupied with real life responsibilities. Second of all, I think Scythe has some funding problems; I actually wanted to pursue my career and continue playing DotA at the same time but due to financial instability, I am now focusing on my career instead.

Koy: The only reason I left Scythe is that it could not promise me a stable income. For instance, my monthly paycheck was delayed by three months. So, I have lost confidence in this sponsor.

Does this mean you will qutting DotA for good? What are your future plans?

YamateH: I might form or join a team just for entertainment's sake but it is highly unlikely.

Koy: Since I'm not working now I might further my studies now. If there is a suitable team for me I might join it. Currently, I am helping out Ks.IGS to play some local tournaments.

What about hyhy, roy and sharky? Are they leaving too?

YamateH: I'm not sure what hyhy and roy are planning but after chatting with sharky, I have a hunch he is not too eager to stick around.

Moving on to some fun questions, what do you think about the new Malaysian powerhouse Raptor Sports?

YamateH: If I tell the truth they might hate me for it! *laughs* They are a team with a lot of potential but I don't think they can take down any top Chinese team right now.

Koy: I actually anticipated the formation of Raptor because Silvercross and xiaoling were talking about forming a new team with me but I hesitated. But with a lot of hard work, they can achieve good results.

Most DotA fans out there would agree that the strongest team in the world now is CCM. What do you pros think?

Koy: In my personal opinion, CCM is the strongest currently. But who knows what will happen later this year?

RGC Asia just opened its doors to the Malaysian DotA community. Any chance we'll be seeing you guys there?

Koy: Most probably not, unless Posh from team Ladies plays there! :D

Yamateh: Why not, I might play some fun games there with an undercover nick.

Thank you both for your time. Any shoutouts?

Koy: Thank you Kato Jason for sponsoring us these past three months. Good luck with Scythe Gaming and once again thank you!

YamateH: Thank you to all our fans who have been supporting us throughout.

Scythe.Gaming is now left three players after losing their most prized assets. Is this the beginning of the end or will they be able to rebuild their team and come back stronger than ever?

With YamateH planning to go inactive to focus on real life, is the legendary Malaysian finally bidding the world of competitive DotA goodbye after six unforgettable years?

Time will tell.

Current Scythe.Gaming roster:

Singapore Han Yong 'hyhy' Lim
Malaysia Kie Yong 'Sharky' Wong
Singapore Jin Sheng 'roy' Chee