NASL Divisions Decided

General Roy “Phantom” Kwan
The divisions for Season 1 of the North American Starleague have been completed. The last of the players have been announced and the NASL is ready to get underway.

NASL Season 1 Divisions
Division 1Division 2
SouthKorea FOX_Moon
Sweden mouz.MorroW
UnitedStates FXO.Sheth
UnitedStates NrG.ViBE
Peru FnaticMSI.Fenix
SouthKorea ST_RainBOw
Germany TLAF-Liquid`TLO
UnitedStates Artosis
Canada ROOT.KiWiKaKi
Netherlands EG.Grubby
SouthKorea ST_July
Germany aTn.DarKFoRcE
France CN!MoMaN
Sweden dignitas.SjoW
UnitedStates FXO.qxc
SouthKorea oGs.Ensnare
Canada FnaticMSI.TT1
Ukraine Duckload.White-Ra
UnitedStates EG.iNcontroL
UnitedStates coL.CrunCher
Division 3Division 4
Australia FXO.mOOnGLaDe
Sweden TLAF-Liquid`HayprO
Canada ROOT.SLush
Ukraine mouz.Strelok
SouthKorea oGs.NaDa
Canada NrG.dde
UnitedStates FnaticMSI.KawaiiRice
SouthKorea ST_Squirtle
Sweden dignitas.NaNiwa
UnitedStates EG.Axslav
Netherlands TLAF-Liquid`Ret
Peru ROOT.CatZ
UnitedStates EG.Machine
Canada coL.Stalife
UnitedStates dignitas.SeleCT
Germany ESC.GoOdy
Germany mouz.HasuObs
SouthKorea ST_Ace
SouthKorea oGs.MC
Division 5
UnitedStates EG.IdrA
SouthKorea oGs.Zenio
Taiwan FnaticMSI.Sen
Canada ROOT.Drewbie
Italy MYM.ClouD
UnitedStates LG.PainUser
SouthKorea SlayerS_BoxeR
Germany aTn.Socke
UnitedStates TLAF-Liquid`Tyler
Poland mouz.MaNa

Only the top 2 from each division will get automatic berths into the Grand Finals, who do you think they will be?

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Roy “Phantom” Kwan