GOMtv GSL World Team League - Report

General “Raistlin”
Photo by: GOMtv.net

Team Korea prevails after a thrilling conclusion on the second day. After a set of crazy baneling busts from both sides, a disconnected 40-minute game with ultralisks and battlecruisers, Zerg king NesTea could finally grant the home team a 8-7 victory.

Dima "DIMAGA" Filipchuk was one game away to be be anointed the new hero of the foreigners. Having eliminated Sung Jun "July" Park in a crazy baneling battle, went into a 40-minute long game against Jong Hyun "mvp" Jeong. The Ukrainian Zerg was truly on the offensive, and was maxed out numerous times with an incredibly large force of ultralisks and infestors. mvp, showcasing an almost perfect defensive, had cut the map up in two with planetary fortresses in the middle of the map. The epic game deserved a better ending, as mvp was disconnected.

The referee's decision to re-game was rightfully called, and on-lookers got see DIMAGA fend off an early bunker pressure by mvp. DIMAGA could instead once again hit the offense button and storm in with catch-phrased "so many banelings" and zerglings to even out the score to 7-7.

Korea tightened up the match score after yesterday's surprising foreigner success, with July claiming four victories (White-Ra, HuK, mOOnGLaDe, Jinro). With 7 to 5 in the win column, and with three players alive opposed to the World team's single player, few would have expected such a nail biting outcome.

When Team Korea's coach sent out the Zerg King Jae Duck "NesTea" Lim, undefeated in ZvZ through all GSL seasons, it was a nut too tough to crack for the Ukrainian.

- "I could not be prouder of the foreign community. It's been a long time coming here to catch up with the Koreans," said Team World coach Dan "Artosis" Stemkoski after the match. "Even if we lost I feel like it is a victory."

DIMAGA will have a shot at revenge in tomorrow's World Championship mano-a-mano as he is paired against NesTea once more.

World Allstars vs. Korea
Sweden mouz.MorroW 0-1 Korea anyproPrime.WE
Taiwan FnaticMSI.SEn 1-1 Korea anyproPrime.WE
Taiwan FnaticMSI.SEn 2-1 Korea MarineKingPrime.WE
Taiwan FnaticMSI.SEn 2-2 Korea sanZenith
Canada FnaticMSI.TT1 3-2 Korea sanZenith
Canada FnaticMSI.TT1 4-2 Korea oGsNaDa
Canada FnaticMSI.TT1 4-3 Korea oGsMC
Ukraine Duckload-Ra 5-3 Korea oGsMC
Ukraine Duckload-Ra 5-4 Korea ST_July
Canada Liquid`HuK 5-5 Korea ST_July
Australia FXO_mOOnGLaDe 5-6 Korea ST_July
Sweden Liquid`Jinro 5-7 Korea ST_July
Ukraine mTw.DIMAGA 6-7 Korea ST_July
Ukraine mTw.DIMAGA 7-7 Korea IMMvp
Ukraine mTw.DIMAGA 7-8 Korea IMNesTea