DreamHack Announces 2011 Tournament Layout

General Craig “Creegz” Bray
Dreamhack, the worlds largest digital festival, has grown in popularity, and their sponsors acknowledge this. This years tournaments, have a prize pool of 800,000 SEK.


DreamHack this year is sponsored by the same companies as last year. AMD, Sapphire, Ezio and Steelseries are sponsoring this years eSports events. The Starcraft II pool is stretched across 5 tournaments. Beginning with an online tournament in March, they will move on to having 3 more live tournaments, then ending with the DreamHack Winter 2011. A large part of the worlds professionals are expected to attend.

DreamHack Sapphire AMD Championship

March: Kickoff Online Tournament, SEK 10 000 Prize Purse.
April / May: Swedish Tournament, SEK 100 000 Prize Purse.
June: DreamHack Summer 2011, SEK 200 000 Prize Purse.
September: European Tournament, SEK 100 000 Prize Purse.
November: DreamHack Winter 2011, SEK 400 000 Prize Purse.

The first four tournaments lead into the Winter 2011 tournament in November. Open qualifiers will be held online, and also international qualifiers. More information has yet to be announced.

http://dreamhack.se - Full story on DreamHack's website.