Blizzard games to miss the WCG '11 finals?

General Radoslav “Nydra” Kolev

According to, there is a strong chance that this year's WCG grand finals will not feature any games by Blizzard Entertainment. This means that this might be the first year that we will not see BroodWar in the game selection.

WCG 2011, whose grand finals are supposedly to be held in Korea, might not feature any Blizzard games. The major reason stems from WCG's main sponsor and KeSPA member Samsung Electronics. Apparently, Samsung has strong objections to BW, WC3 and SC2 being included in WCG's game list which might lead to the leading RTS-s missing the finals.

WCG have raised some objections to this move, stating that exclusion of Blizzard games from the list will lead to losing other sponsors, but Samsung's decision so far remains adamant.

Further obstacle comes from WCG's main broadcaster OnGameNet, which Blizzard are currently suing for intellectual property rights. It might be so that Blizzard games are not to be broadcasted in Korea and Korean gamers are not to take part at the WCG grand finals.

The end of the matter is still to unfold as we wait for an official statement by WCG.

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