Mousesports seeks German StarCraft 2 talent

Posted by Karsten "pyro" Haendly at 06 January 2011 22:30
On January 6th, 2011, mousesports introduced their new project, "mousesport StarCraft 2 Talent." The aim of the venture is to find a new young German player for the team, which will be trained by the members. A 6-month contract with mousesports guaranteed.

Old memories come back to mind when hearing about the system. The American players Gregory A. "IdrA" Fields and Tyler "Tyler" Wasieleski were provided the opportunity to play professionally in Korea by winning tournaments organized by the Korean pro team eSTRO.

Now, it is the German based mousesports that runs such a tournament. German players that are at least 14 and at most 18 years old are eligible to apply for a spot in an 8-man tournament. The players are requested to fill out an application form which needs to be sent to the management until January 19th, 2011.

Taking place on January 29th, 2011, the tournament will consists of 8 players, divided into two groups. While the players fight each other in a best-of 5, only the top 2 advance to the semifinals. The whole competition is to be broadcasted.

Though the winner of the tournament is very likely to be chosen to be part of the team, the management makes clear that the players should be attentive to show off their micro, macro, and game understanding.

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