ESL Autumn League 2010

General Gosu “GosuGamers” Gamers
After lastly featuring a Balkan division and season six of its Major Series in July this year (former Competo won over AzN), the Electronis Sports League is back in business. This time with an all Bulgarian Autumn DotA Tour.

Phase one of the event, which is played on version 6.69c, will be a bo2 Groupstage. The assigned teams are 24 by number and display a solid overview about the national scene.

ESL Autumn 2010 Groupings
Group AGroup B
Bulgaria Winning is NothingBulgaria iNTERACTiVE FiCTiON
Bulgaria AstraeaBulgaria terroR 0f the monkeY
Bulgaria high QualityBulgaria Flawless Victory!
Bulgaria PLAYCENTERBulgaria Presence of the dark lord
Bulgaria The Lucky WinnersBulgaria Death Note
Bulgaria Leet TeamBulgaria CHIRPAN
Group CGroup D
Bulgaria epsilOn e-SportBulgaria microGaming
Bulgaria kurtilkaBulgaria Pandemonium
Bulgaria Adrenaline RushBulgaria BG.Nirvana
Bulgaria donKey SmileBulgaria Spit or Swallow
Bulgaria SuperMogushtiBulgaria The Name Is The Hard Part
Bulgaria mdfcBulgaria Divinity

The best two teams out of each group qualify for the Playoffs, which will be structured as a double elimination, best of one tournament tree and a best of three Grand Final. The event is currently in its fourth playday with Winning is Nothing, iF, epsilOn and mG in the leading positions.

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