DTS|NS talks about WDC

Posted by Linus "Tjernobylbarnet" Staaf at 22 November 2010 22:16
No one could have possibly dodged the success DTS had this year, rising up from just a top team in Europe to the top team in Europe. GosuGamers caught NS, their famous support-player, to answer a few questions, mostly about WDC.

Dendi, Light, Dread, NS, Artstyle

Can you start with giving a quick introduction to who this NS is?
-"NS is just a man who plays DotA and loves his girlfriend, nothing less or more about this NS."

Sounds like a great guy. So, how did you like China?
-"Sure, I've been in China two times before, always living in different cities. I was in Beijing, Su Zhou, Shanghai, Chengdu, Kunming... China always look great. If you ask about chinese food, yes i like it *smiles*. Also, I like the weather in China, it's much more gentle than here in Russia."

Are you happy with how WDC went, and how DTS performed?
-"Yes of course, I am very happy with this event, because here in Europe we don't have anything huge like WDC, only ESWC maybe. Anyway we are happy that we got an invitation and the chance to be a part of this great event, looking forward to WDC 2011, or something similiar in China. About our performance, it's "OK" for us. We've proved to our fans and to ourselves that we can beat the best Chinese not only online, but in LAN as well. Yes, we lost to, but they were showing their best last month and therefore truly deserve this win. We're gonna give them a fight on upcoming events, I hope."

To me, it seems like Nirvana were more prepared to face you then EHOME or LGD was. They played more aggressive.
-"Yeap, their playstyle is very aggressive. They like heroes with massive AoE, like Puck, Shaker and ofcourse SF, and heroes with lots of spell damage (Lich, for example). With all this stuff they are going to pressure you, and if you lose one or two battles in the beginning you lose the game. I think they practiced this gamestyle for WDC, and as we see it brought them success."

We decided to take the risk
Yep, it seemed to be the better strategy. But you had some special strategy of your own. What were the thoughts behind the picks (Enchantress, Panda, Syllabear, Dazzle, Venge) vs EHOME?
-"We know that chinese teams play very well in farm games and know how to play in late game, but they are not that prepared for fast games, I mean pushes of course. That was the point for this pick. Also in 6.69c Enchantress and Syllabear got buffed, I think most of the teams haven't paid attention to such small buffs. But we tested these heroes and this strategy some times and it worked perfectly.
We know that EHOME might be the best in the world at the moment, and we decided to take the risk and play this strategy versus them."

It worked out very well and it was a really interesting game to watch. What are your thoughts on Alchemist after this event? Seems like Alchemist was the true winner of WDC.
-"Hah true, but it's only because the playstyle is always switching. At the moment no one is picking Slardar, but this gentleman works pretty nice versus Alchemist, who doesn't have any armor even in late game. Slardar looks like a key to beat this machine, in my opinion. But Alchemist is pretty strong anyway, his abilities to farm and defending is awesome and if you don't have enough armor reduction you can't kill him. Not even with a full packed late game hero, like in the game Deity vs, where Alchemist kills Traxex in late game."

He's a real monster. Feels like Naix could take him down, but it's tricky to work Naix into the line-up and you just need a Ghost Scepter to counter him.
-"Naix is pretty bad at farming and is just a slow hero. And you can't counter Alchemist with ghost scepter, he so faster, he'll just switch target, and kill you afterwards. *smiles*"

Chinese and Asian teams are so good because of stability in their rosters
Is there anything you feel that you guys could have done better at WDC?
-"I still think we could have given a good battle, but for us it was twice as hard, because it was the 2nd match in same day (our quarter final was same day as the semi finals). Me and Artstyle was a bit sick (looks like somewhat of a cold plus acclimatization), and it was long break between quarter and semi finals. It was hard, we didn't play with 100% of our power."

Yep, the schedule was unfortunate for you guys there. Is there any chance we'll see DTS at SMM?
-"It's 50/50 now, our manager is negotiating with a sponsor at the moment. But I have feeling that we're gonna come to Malaysia this time; atleast I hope so. I've always wished to see Malaysia, especially Kuala Lumpur."

That would be awesome if you could. Think you'll reach top 3 there aswell?
-"Gonna fight for 1st place, less chinese teams - better chances. *smiles*"

Although, EHOME will probably be better prepared for 6.69c then and they will not underestimate you guys again.
-"It would make for a good battle, I like to face good opponents. If they are better then you are - they teach you something. That's why we are playing, that's why we are living, to improve ourselves day by day. I don't fear EHOME or anyone else, we can beat them and we know it."

European top players need good leaders
What do you think about the European scene right now?
-"DotA in Europe is on a very weak level, and this is sad. European top players need good leaders, like Drayich or Loda, I don't know. Without leaders people just make mixes, playing some months together, then start to lose, disband and make new mixes. You can't reach top level like this...
Chinese and Asian teams are so good because of stability in their rosters, some of them have been playing together a few years. It makes them strong, it makes DTS strong, if you ask. We haven't switched players for about a year, and you can see our results. In early 2010 we was top-5 of Europe, in the end of the year we are top-3 of the World."

And I hope you plan to play together for some more time, right?
-"Hope so, we're looking at the future. DotA will grow, and we wanna be on top of this, so there is no reason to make anything less with this team. *smiles*"

That's true. Lets hope EU teams will realize this, so you will get some competition in Pick League.
-"Hope so, I root for EU DotA, because I am a part of it."

So reaching the end of the interview, which hero is your favourite in DotA?
-"Ooh, I dont know, I like Luna - she is so cute and graceful, haha."

Not sure if cute and graceful win a game for you, but might work.
-"The beauty will save the world *smiles*. Luna is good by the way, Deity used it versus Aeon in their semi final and won easily. She gets so big in late game - one of the best of the best."

Hah. I think that was it, I've run out of things to ask. Thanks for your time. Got any shoutouts?
-"No problem, you're welcome. Shoutout to all fans, my friends, my team and my girlfriend."