mousesports faces Fnatic in the quarterfinals

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mousesports will face FnaticMSI in the quarter finals of SC2CL and the games will be streamed live over at starting at 21.00 CET.

In the first quarterfinal for today we will see mousesports take on FnaticMSI. A mousesports that in the round of 16 won with a comfortable 4-0 against the upcoming team Online Kingdom while FnaticMSI won by walk over.

WCG in the way for Ukraine?
Both Strelok and White-Ra are playing the World Cyber Games qualifiers in Ukraine so they might not be able to get home in time to play the match against Fnatic.

This will without any doubt be an exciting match between these two top, even teams. Both teams have showed some great strength in the previous matches, and they are both winning teams, but now the league is slowly coming to an end and they will have to settle which one of the teams that will go to the semi finals.

In the other quarter finals, Team Liquid will battle on ESC after Liquid took down aAa 4-0 in the round of 16. eSuba will take on AFM, and Tera and Root Gaming will fight for the final spot in the semi finals.

Without any doubt this will be an exciting and pretty close clan war for both teams. During the previous matches mouz. and fnatic. have showed their strengths and have also showed their motivation to continue winning. Slowly the league is coming to an end and as for this match I belive mouz. should take the clan war but it won't be easy. We have prepared the best we can and I think fnatic. has done the same. I would predict mouz. to win the clan war with a 3-1 score but it's also quite possible we might see a draw after the regular 3x 1v1 and the 2v2 and we might see an ace match in the end. Time will tell - I do hope we will get to see many good games today. GL to fnatic!

Ukraine Strelok
Ukraine White-Ra
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United States Kawaiirice
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Greece Moutas
SC2CL Quarter finals
Team LiquidvsESC
TeravsRoot Gaming
SC2CL Round of 16
Team Liquid4-0aAa

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