ESWC Day 2 starting soon

General Terrence “MrBlue” Wong
Day two of ESWC is about to start, soon we will be able to see the true battle of the DotA powerhouses.

The true test of skills and strength is soon upon us, where the Europe vs Asia debate may soon be given an answer once and for all. Carrying the European flag include teams such as Online Kingdom, MYM, LOST and DTS while over on the East side we have, EHOME and AeonSport representing Asia. The lone American team, will have a hard time trying to prove that their DotA players are the best around.

With less than a few hours to go before the games start, put your bets in now in our GosuBet section to cheer for your favorite teams. Or if you want to relive the action of Day one, visit our Replay section to watch some of the matches played on Day one.

Of course don't forget to follow Zeyall's Twitter Feed to get up to date info on ESWC results and happenings.

So stay tuned to GosuGamers for the most up to date coverage you will ever get!

ESWC 2010 DotA Groupstage 2
Group A2Group B2
Teams WLPointsTeams WLPoints
Germany Online Kingdom123China EHOME309
United States Nirvana.US216Singapore AeonSports030
Malaysia Nirvana.MY123Sweden LOST123
Denmark MYM216Russia DTS216

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